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Okay, so what can be done to up the player count?

1. Actually Increase the player count to 64 players or 60, but 60 players is low as id be happy with.
2. Add AI, and I actually have some ideas on how this can be done better than expected. (In the larger game modes obviously)
-Have 5 friendly and enemy pilots in the air at all times (while still allowing pilots to be in the air). They included this in skirmish, where the aircraft go back and forth between dogfighting and strafing the ground, and this would make the battles feel more immersive and air combat more exciting if the sky if filled with more combat. (AI aircraft are already in multiplayer so it can be done)
-Add one AI ground vehicle per team at all times, or in certain situations where its needed (for example if there is a linear game mode near the end, that defensive team who needs it could get one)
-Finally, most obvious, is just add infantry (10 or so per team that either move to objectives together or battle towards objectives

I personally like the idea of having AI aircraft and adding AI soldiers since Dice seemed unwilling to bump up the player count.
What do you guys think?


  • Frix
    626 posts Member
    Player count increase is needed. Preferred 64 players but I will settle for AI.
  • Frix wrote: »
    Player count increase is needed. Preferred 64 players but I will settle for AI.

    Yeah I think my final verdict is +5 AI pilots per team, and (at the very least) +10AI soldiers per team
  • So, what do you guys think of having a more constant arial presence in the large game modes via at least 5 AI pilots per team? Then remember that third party faction AI are a thing (infantry: wampas and bounty hunters (I think)), but I think adding at least 10 AI infantry to team would cap off the experience, if not 15 or 20 per team
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