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Han Solo origin movie maps?

I know I'm jumping the gun here. With the Han Solo origin movie coming out in 2018, does anyone think we'll get maps based on that movie like they did with Rogue One?


  • Maybe
  • 2000sGuy
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    thiago2103 wrote: »
    Get that garbage a$$ movie out here

    Han solo = Harrison ford , end of question , that Fan-movie disney is doing is not cannon , don't care what they say

    Han Solo? That's not his real name anymore :frowning:
    Hey Man.
  • I agree, Harrison Ford is the only Han. Hopefully that movie will have some cool locations that we can see in the game. Maybe the (free I hope) DLC will have a release schedule similar to last year.
  • I'll give a young Han Solo a chance. But I swear to god... NO CHANGING HIS NAME! Disney can retract stupid statements. Remember in the early trailers where Jyn says "I Rebel"? Remember how stupid that was? It was Pepsi level stupid and it wasn't in the final cut. Maybe we'll get lucky and shoot this **** down first.
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