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Conquest, AI and the Partner System

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So people said they want conquest, my reaction is, "Do they want the Battlefront Conquest or Battlefield Conquest because they're pretty different. Personally, if DICE wanted to keep it unique they could make it like the og BF and have a set number of reinforcements, the ability to capture all points on the field at once and achieve an automatic victory. And for AI they should do 30 AI grunts like that one thread suggests, but maybe make it like Titanfall where they aren't worth as many points. So another problem is the partner system and the devs said on twitter that they will make it different but it won't be a squad system but then what would that be, a platoon system, a division system which would have four groups assigned to four different systems? Well, that's my two cents. Also I need my Captain Fordo, he is way better than Rex or Cody, jk
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