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Battlefront II Mode Request: Hero Duels and 2v1 Hero Duels

If anyone has played the multiplayer for Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, or Jedi Academy and has played the Duels mode and the 2v1 Duels mode, you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know what im talking about, though, here's what it is: Duels is a mode where many people get into a server and two heroes face off. This mode consists of many rounds, and in the maps there would be almost nowhere to hide so that people dont use some ability that makes them invisible on the map and they just hide for an hour. At the beginning of each round, you have 15 secs to choose a hero or villian (preferably you could do hero vs hero or villian vs villain along with hero vs villian, because it's fun, but if not, there will be a 50/50 chance of you getting to be the one picking if you want to be a hero or villian) except for the first round, where you have a minute to choose. When one player dies, they get put in the back the rotation, the player that killed that player gets a point, and the next person in the rotation now fights the winner of the last round. The first person with 8-12 points (unless we get to make our own servers freely, customise the modes and make our own playlists, and have a server browser, then it would be between 5-25 points) wins. If you aren't playing, you get to spectate untill it's your turn. It would be a 6-8 player game mode (with server browser and stuff, 4-16 player mode). 2v1 duels is the exact same concept with a few minor changes, (if we can't do hero + villian vs hero/villian, then you must be the same side as your teammate and the enemy will, of corse, be the other side, and each person will have a 33.33...% of choosing if they (and their friendly, if on the 2 person team) will be a hero or villian.) the person NOT on a team gets 150% of their normal health, and every round that person wins, they loose 10% of that 150% health untill they're at 100% health. At the beginning of each match, you get to choose if you want to be by yourself or with another player. Anyone who dies gets sent back to the beginning of their rotation (a by yourself rotation and a team of two rotation) and any survivors get a point. If you're on the team of two, you win a round, and both you and your teammate get the maximum amount of points at the end of that round, you both win the match. That is what Hero Duels and 2v1 Hero Duels are, and i really would like to play both of these modes again. They are extremely fun to play in the Jedi Knight games (and you can still do multiplayer against AI, and the AI is way better than EA's Battlefront), and i would LOVE to play this in EA's Battlefront II. If you like this idea, too, please spread it around. I REALLY want to play this mode in a newr game, and EA's Battlefront two is the perfect game for this. After all, it is supposed to be somewhat a sandbox game, right? SO PLEASE ADD THIS!!!! And thanks for reading!!! (I will transfer this to the Battlefront II tab when it unlocks, or when Battlefront II gets its own forums.)


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