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Heroes from first game?

Who thinks that some of the heroes from the current battlefront will be in the next one?


  • I'm sure we'll get Han, Chewie, Luke and Leia

    Along with Vader, palpatine, Boba, and bossk
  • Jrob122
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    I'm sure we'll get Han, Chewie, Luke and Leia

    Along with Vader, palpatine, Boba, and bossk

    Hopefully they switch out bossk for Tarkin or Ig-88
  • I'd rather they made a new faction for the bounty hunter heroes, ragtag band with rodians, gamorreans, all the other scum, they can fight both sides
  • I believe they all should and will return. It's unfair to both the people who paid extra money to get these characters, as well as those who didn't but were hoping they'd be available for everyone next time, if DICE were to exclude them because these players, especially the ones who paid, will feel robbed. Also, removing content from the previous game and thinking that the new content makes up for that lost content is completely wrong. We want MORE content ADDED to the existing level of content.
    They should all be available in the base game, though not necessarily available right away. Perhaps they could be unlocked by ranking up, using in-game credits, completing objectives, or a combination of all 3, thereby making players earn the right to use them because it took effort to obtain them.
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  • Scout1998
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    Hopefully we get Palpatine too, he was so fun to play as in Battlefront 1.
  • All should return, even the garbage Jyn. They've spent the resources to develop them, why not just give us even more to choose from? It would be great, no matter how unlikely it would seem, to be able to have like 12 or 14 on each side to choose.
    I know that, given the history of last game, the idea is laughable....but I would hope that all the work done from BF1 isn't just discarded.
  • ROMG4
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    No Dengar.

    No Sale.

    End of all discussion.
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