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What do we know so far about abilities?

113 posts Member
Are heros going to have customizable abilities? I'm out of the loop


  • Evazan127
    8105 posts Member
    We don't know much about this. Heros will be "customizable", this might just be cosmetic though.
  • Hero/Villain progression sounds very interesting.
  • Agherosh
    1092 posts Member
    Infantry, heroes and ships will have upgradeable abilities, yes.
    Like Mind Control for Rey, stasis for Kylo Ren.
    We know little about them in general.
    The ones we know for infantry are:
    -The epic thermal detonator ability makes the thermal detonator split in 3. (Assault)
    -We have personal shield.(Heavy)
    -There's an ability called Battle Command.(Officer)
    -Trip mine (Specialist)

    All these are for the different classes. We don't know anything else, I think.
  • We know that force abilities are upgradable... Meaning that a fully upgraded force push will send players flying
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