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Why you should not want clone wars in this game.



  • Jaden_Korrr
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    edited May 2017
    Regarding the hero list, I doubt we would get windu as well
    This is how I see it :

    Obi wan


    We know yoda and maul are in, obi wan and anakin must be as tey were e protagonists of the movies so that puts at least 3 force users on each side for balance. Then we have Jango who will likely appear ashis ship was shown in concwpt art, so we need a shooter hero from the Republic ( Cody ?)
  • Stalemate
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    I can honestly see them doing alot of Heroes that you can buy individually such as Windu/Ventress. If people are buying them then why not keep making them. A Lot of people including myself will probably buy every single one they put out.
  • Agherosh
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    Osskscosco wrote: »
    Only the films will be represented in Battlefront it's always been like that like ALWAYS!

    Why did you think the cartoons would be here?

    Hera's pistol is already in there.
    But disney seems to ignore TCW since they didnt make it, only expect rebels content if any.

    We have Saw Guerrera in Rogue One.
    And to add to the "Battlefront always represented the movies, just saying Asajj Ventress was in Battlefront 2.
  • Just no. I could not disagree more. The clone wars and prequels are one and the same. The series is more beloved than the prequel films.
  • Just no. I could not disagree more. The clone wars and prequels are one and the same. The series is more beloved than the prequel films.

  • Agherosh wrote: »
    I'm sorry but people arent using decent arguments still.

    -The cartoons are for kids. First, clearly you havent seen the show its more mature than you think, just because something is cartoons It doesnt immediately mean its for kids, Family dad isn't for kids, American dad isnt for kids, South Park isnt for kids. Your argument is flawed.

    -Cartoons dont fit in Battlefront. They would be worked on to make them more realistic looking to fit the game, there's realistic figures of TCW characters aswell, this is the same. Your argument is flawed.

    -The "TCW isn't cannon for me" quote or other variations. Doesnt matter what is or isn't cannon to anyone. It is cannon and that's all, nothing you can do about it. Argument flawed.

    -Battlefront is about the movies. Battlefront is about Star Wars, we have a droid from the comics in the campaign, we have a gun from Rebels in multiplayer (You shouldnt buy the game, theres a gun from the cartoons, and it wont look cartoony omg, witchcraft!), developers said they are using content from all Star Wars cannon, like comics etc, thqts why we have the droid. Argument flawed.

    -There's no characters from the cartoons in the movies. Chopper from Rebels is in Rogue One, Hera from Rebels is mentioned in Rogue One, the ship from Rebels is in Rogue One, Saw Guerrera is a main point of Rogue One, he was created for TCW show. Argument flawed.

    You want less content and unimportant characters in the game, you want characters like Dengar, Greedo... Instead of main badass characters from other sources that stil cannon?
    I'm sorry I can't take people who think like this seriously. If you dislike the shows its fine, but saying no to more content is just....
    I dont enjoy Rebels much either, yet I'd love if they add characters from it. It's more content.

    Have you heard the good word of Agherosh?
    "Army or not. You must realize, you are doomed." ~General Grievous
  • OP is wrong.

    Agreed. Both clone wars and rebels are better than most of the movies. Apparently they don't want anything from the old republic in the game either. I don't see a problem spanning across all eras of starwars and pleasing all the fans. I'd love to have ahsoka as a hero in the new game.
    It won't please all the fans lol
  • Bossk2262 wrote: »
    2000sGuy wrote: »
    2000sGuy wrote: »
    I would like it that way, but what other weapon would the Clone wars tv show offer?

    Hopefully none, those weapons are kid's stuff. I want weapons that would give me the thrill of the movies. #Logic

    You do realize I'm showing you how silly your pathetic excuses are?
    If you had it your way Clones would only be able to use 2 blasters and the Droids 1
    They already showcased a Republic Officer that originated from TCW so that basically means more content from the animated series is sure to come

    You all are pathetic not me , I base my stuff on facts, you base yours of some whim wish of hope

    you are getting dangerously close to getting banned the last guy who said people were pathetic was banned

    its this guy @mattmanosh

    I've not been banned because a ton of people called me pathetic before that, I was just defending myself
  • DoctachCJ
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    For sure want Rebel characters in next game. Would love to play as Hera or Ahsoka in the next game! With the ST not being finished, seeing the limited amount of heroes the OT gives ( I do like the OT so don't flame me but it was limiting when it came to heroes, BF 1 showed that) So I'm not going to say no to having a chance to having more characters. More the better! Though I will say I don't think I could care any less about the ST. xD if they focused on the OT and the PT only, I would be pretty happy but I guess they gotta put the unfinished ST in there too I guess.
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  • How do you close this thread

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