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Star Wars HQ = Watto

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Both are Greedy & Annoying.

They are milking Battlefront 2's trailer and recent news and using clickbait titles for their far-fetched and long shot theories. Horrible. Terrible. Disgusting.

These are the people DICE listens to.


  • Appo501st
    15 posts Member
    "Let's take a look at those EPEEK abilities" -Star Wars HQ
  • Alvonator
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    thiago2103 wrote: »
    This is the face of the battlefront community folks


    Is that one of them?

    LMAO! I didn't understand your signature before, now I do! Hilarious and SAD!
  • 2000sGuy
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    edited May 2017

    very informative
    Hey Man.
  • Agherosh
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    If those two are "the people DICE listens to", then these two make a really good job.

    They got us classes, all eras, no more white menu, no more tokens.

    But yeah, anyway... I hate clickbaits no much.
  • ThePoolshark
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    Warnings will be going out from this thread.
    The greatest moderator that EA has ever had.
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