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"TR-8R has entered the battle. Be on the lookout."

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Its just funny to think about.


  • Try Poggle The Lesser.
    Let's have that new large Conquest-style mode offline in Arcade!^^

    Objective modes for Custom Arcade

    Large maps and vehicles for Custom Arcade

    Pre-round skin selector for Custom Arcade

    Custom Playlists for Custom Arcade

    Remove the map boundaries for Custom Arcade

    AI Enforcers for Custom Arcade too!


    Check out our extensive, ongoing Co-op Playthrough /Discussion of Arcade mode on my YouTube too!^^
  • LakonPL9
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    Try General Grievous

  • HIS NAME IS FN-2199, NOT TR-8R!

    We're finally getting the High Ground man! Wooooooooo!
  • LakonPL9 wrote: »
    Try General Grievous


    Hello there...
    We need a Tier System for the Heroes. It would justify the "op-ness" of Vader over Han and Chewbacca. It would cost much more to unlock Vader, and would require you to save a lot more than for other heroes and vehicles, but it would be rewarding in the end...

    "It would essentially ruin the eras and turn them into nothing much more than the same thing and same experience but with a different skin. Which is contrary to the point in having eras in the first place." - ZmanGames
  • LakonPL9
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    LakonPL9 wrote: »
    Try General Grievous


    Hello there...

    I was trained in your jedi arts by Count Dooku!
  • DarthBatman42
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    edited May 2017
    "Newt Gunray is questioning this fight's legality!"
  • Sangth
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    I like how the guy calls Finn a traitor and then the meme becomes that his name is TR-8R for some reason. Internet stoop1d.
  • Frix
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    I don't see him as a full hero class but as a sub hero class or bodyguard I would love to see him.
  • Whodunnit
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    "Newt Gunray is questioning this fight's legality!"

    Battlefront II has a 45.8% chance of success.
  • SAmulticore
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