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Nerf Yoda ASAP

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He to small. It hard to hit wrinkly kermit


  • Shinjuku
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    edited May 2017
    Neh, your aim is just terrible. I can already see people making threads like these about heroes. Smh.
    " If you're not with me, then you're my enemy."
  • Whodunnit
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    Buff his hitbox.
    Battlefront II has a 45.8% chance of success.
  • His HP is low enough, also. One head shot with the DL-44 almost kills him. Git gud.
    We need a Tier System for the Heroes. It would justify the "op-ness" of Vader over Han and Chewbacca. It would cost much more to unlock Vader, and would require you to save a lot more than for other heroes and vehicles, but it would be rewarding in the end...

    "It would essentially ruin the eras and turn them into nothing much more than the same thing and same experience but with a different skin. Which is contrary to the point in having eras in the first place." - ZmanGames
  • Lonnisity
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    Oh, I didn't know the game was out already.
    "Yeah, I'm responsible these days. It's the price you pay for being successful."
  • Ahsoka_Tano
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    ShowOff wrote: »
    He to small. It hard to hit wrinkly kermit

    There will be an improved lightsaber system as well as there are probably like in Battlefront (2015) auto targeting functions.
    For General Ahsoka Tano!

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