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Base vs Base mode?

I was recently playing command and conquer renegade X ( Remake of the original 2002 renegade) and its game mode is really fun.

Basically each team has a base consisting of several buildings each play a role. The barracks grants access to better infantry , Airstrip for nod and Weapons factory grant access to tiers of vehicles. As well as several other buildings.

The most important building is basically the refinery because this sends out a harvester to gather Tiberian or basically the resource you need to purchase better units. So you need to defend your harvester while attacking theirs and dealing with their vehicles to attack their base. Lots of fun.

Basic tutorial of the game.

Random video.

Youtube Channel .
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  • mb_free
    169 posts Member
    A game mode where you would have to capture the enemies base. Also known as Rush 2.0. and Frontlines
  • Evazan127
    8105 posts Member
    This game looks cool. Maybe a minor mode like this in battlefront.
  • Maybe for a Star Wars RTS game... We're long over due for one (Last one was Star Wars:Empire at War). Would love to see one on console...EA needs something to compete with Halo Wars....But I would love something along the lines of Sepremacy but the last line of defense is the main base on each team....And more capture points than 5 I think?
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