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The 14 heroes rumours

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This has been mentioned all over since the livestream and someone mentioned a Youtuber who was at the event stated it. If this is true, we can start to discount who will not make the cut for launch I feel.

With Phasma and Finn coming as DLC,you would assume that the ST would only have Rey and Kylo as the hero and villain, unless Poe and Hux make it straight off.

IF they are the only 2, you would hope for an even spread in heroes and villains from the other 2 eras. So 3 H/V from each. From concept art, trailers, gameplay etc you can count in:

PT - Yoda, Obi-Wan, Maul, Jango
OT - Luke, Han, Boba.

Now for OT we can safely assume Vader and the Emperor will make it, as will Leia more than likely.

PT you can assume will need a blaster hero so the likelihood would be Padme, with Dooku or Grievous for CIS being the last slot.

Bottom line? I feel based on the 14 rumour that Anakin, Dooku or Grievous and Chewie (again) won't be in at launch.

Slightly worried. Livestream was good but the heroes worries me.
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