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Side Stories In Campaign

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So just with the fact that the campaign spans like 30 years over all eras, I think there is a lot of potential to have kind of flashbacks to events occurring at the same time that the campaign is at. An example of this would be order 66, where while Iden is doing a campaign mission in that general time, it would flash to order 66 which would be really cool because you could play as jedis or clones killing jedis/defending yourself. Another example of this is where maybe one of the missions is to go to kamino as iden to check up on the clone's devices being implanted and then it flashes to jango and boba chasing obiwan. Any ideas for other events like these?


  • I wouldnt mind DLC where they recreate specific moments from the films. Kinda like what they already did with Death Star and Scarrif
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