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What exactly does the "dodge" button do for lightsaber wielders?

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edited July 2017
There's a dodge or sway button that each saber user has. I guess Rey doesn't have to worry about this because she has a parry and people like Vader have a reflect, but what will this bring to the table for people like Maul and anyone else who won't have a block or parry? Can it dodge anything meaningful? Does it allow outplay potential? Does this bring another defensive element to lightsaber wielders who can block? (Please don't make this another "Maul should block" thread. I'm just interested in knowing what this ability does).


  • Trooper8059
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    It's just a quick dash, like the roll. You can probably still be hit by anything coming your way.
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  • The dash allows him move from side to side
    But against lightsaber users who swipe side to side it will be useless
  • I think that Maul is able to sidestep, I have no idea whether it is bound to that or the ADS button though.
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