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POLL: Would you like the soldiers in Battlefront 2 to swear?



  • mastery0ta
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    Where did you dig up this old fossil? Takes me back
  • You must be one of those uncultured simple minded casuals if you think that swearing is fitting to the Star Wars world. By your ridiculous suggestion I have the right to suspect you are not a long time Star Wars fan and just jumped into the bandwagon when It became pop culture again after Lucas sold It. This isn't Marvel or any of that garbage you most likely watch, even though Disney treats It that way. Its like saying that B and S words would go along well with LOTR or Wizard of Oz, pure absurdity and out of place. I remember a swear word was in Disney's Solo like "What the hell" or something like that, no wonder I got zero Star Wars vibes from It. Hell in Star Wars? Really? Our everyday vocabulary is not fitting to a fantasy world like Star Wars, which has an entire different spirituality and culture, specialy since Its a family friendly franchise.

  • quenaelin
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    Only mild Star Wars type of swearing, not[removed] off or like that kind of swearing.
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  • Just have them say blast it when they are low on health
  • Compo
    150 posts Member
    LOL..this is a Star wars game..not Rise of the footsoldier!
    Besides i dont class "damn" or "hell" as swear words, they could be in Mario games IMO o:)
  • Compo wrote: »
    LOL..this is a Star wars game..not Rise of the footsoldier!
    Besides i dont class "damn" or "hell" as swear words, they could be in Mario games IMO o:)

    Hell is out of place. Nothing Starwarsy about that word. Phrases like "what the" can be acceptable.
  • No, swearing soldiers is not Star Wars. Would only hurt the game aswell because of kids.
  • I wouldn't mind mild PG swearing like what we get in the movies, but I don't think the game needs it either. The Uncharted games have plenty of PG-13 swearing in them and they keep their T rating just fine, so I don't think it's an issue of rating so much as making the game feel like a proper Star Wars game. If there were some mild swearing, it should be used sparingly, like in the films. I wouldn't be surprised if we got some swearing in the campaign.

    There is no swearing in the films.

    Um, yeah there is. It's mild swearing, but swearing nonetheless.

    Like what?
    Watch solo
  • Zirius
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    @David1543 Did you just say Marvel is garbage? I expect some apologies.
  • IIPrest0nII
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    I'm going to close this thread due to necroposing which is against the forum rules.
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