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Sith Remnant - SWBF Clan and Blazing the Path to SWBF2

Sith Empire Remnants
Xbox Club Link:

Moff of Star Wars Battlefront: Venom Kyro

Are you tired of playing by yourself? Would you want to lead a group of people?
Want to have a bunch of friends online, playing games you have, around the clock?

Welcome to the Sith Remnant's Star Wars Battlefront Embassy

Greetings everyone! I am Darth Baum and I am representing the Sith Remnant here at the Star Wars Battlefront Forums. We plan for the Sith Remnant to surpass our ancestors and become something truly great, something eternal. This clan will be a community that spans many titles and while we are going to emphasize the growth and development of a Competitive team we want a place for everyone to call their own. We are still in the process of finalizing many different aspects of the Sith and if you wish to have a say in the discussion then join up and we can definitely consider your input. We are planning on being ready to fight and win on Star Wars Battlefront 2 the moment it comes out. If you are looking for a clan for Battlefront 2 and Battlefront 1 look no farther than the Sith Remnant.
"My 'vision' is of an Empire ready to fight across the battlefield of life. That is all I require."
―Darth Marr

Sith Remnants Goals
  • Grow into one the biggest and successful communities on Xbox
  • Have community wide gamenights on a weekly basis
  • Form successful competitive teams
  • Provide opportunities for everyone to rise to where they wish to be in the Sith
  • To conquer the galaxy and know true power!

Reasons to join (not biased opinions at all)
  • Excellent Officer and leadership (not biased at all)
  • An intriguing and fascinating ranking system
  • The chance to lead if that is what you aspire to do
  • A unique clan system that differs from about every other clan out there
  • A fun-filled environment
  • And Lastly, A clan that works for you!

Requirements for Joining
  • Must be at least 13 years of Age
  • Must have an Xbox One and Star Wars Battlefront
  • Must join the Xbox Club (Current central hub of communications)
  • Be respectful
  • Have a mic
  • And Most of ALL, Have common sense

How to Join!
  • Apply to join the Xbox Live Club
  • Contact on Venom Kyro Xbox Live for some more help!
  • Shoot a message to one of the admins on the Xbox Club to help speed along the process

Clan Structure and Organization

The Sith Remnant is a clan based off of the tenants of the Sith Order from the well beloved Star Wars franchise. While we strive to avoid the backstabbing and betrayals that are hallmarks of the Sith Order a lot of the lore is used to base our structure. We will state that it is not a replica of the Sith Empire as we make adjustments in structure to make it a more effective and enjoyable system.

The Sith Remnant is ultimately controlled by the Dark Council. The Dark Council consists of 7 members who each hold the title of Dark Lord of the Sith. The 7 Dark Lords oversee a distinct Sphere of Influence of the Empire. Together each Sphere promotes the growth and expansion of the Empire to one day reach the heights it once knew.

Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy - Handles expanding the Sith and Foreign Affairs. Recruitment, mergers and alliances.
Sphere of Intelligence - Handles gathering information and data on the other governments that exist
Sphere of Sith Philosophy - Handles propaganda and social media and ensures the promotion of the Sith way of life.
Sphere of Technology - Handles a lot of infrastructure of the Sith (Sites, Club, so forth)
Sphere of Laws and Justice - Handles internal order and harmony within the Sith. Moderation and so forth
Sphere of Knighthood - Handles the growth and development of the competitive teams of the Sith.
Sphere of the Imperial Military - Handles the vast majority of the in-game aspects of the Sith.

Ranks of the Sith Remnant
Dark Lord of the Sith - A member of the Dark Council and highest rank in the Sith Remnant
Sith Lord - A Sith Lord is the individual or group of individuals that are second in command to a Dark Lord
Sith Marauder - A Competitive Team Captain
Sith Warrior - A Competitive Team Member
Sith Inquisitor - A Sith who is tasked with either Intelligence, Technology, Laws, Diplomacy, or Philosophy.
Sith Acolyte - This title is given to those being trained in one of the higher ranks above or is in the consideration process.
Moff - This rank is given to individuals tasked with the governance of an entire game
General - Reserved for War Time and for actions most commendable.
Colonel - A senior adviser and leader under a Moff.
Major - An adviser to the Moff and an administrative rank
Captain - Successful and daring lieutenants can be promoted to this rank and is typically accompanied with a command of 3 times that of a Sergeant.
Lieutenant - Successful sergeants can be promoted to this rank and is typically accompanied with a command of 3 times that of a Sergeant
Sergeant - The first leadership rank. A member can become a Sergeant if they lead a team of appropriate size (each game is different). It is encouraged to recruit friends and lead your own team.
Corporal - Senior member rank given to members who show dedication to the Empire.
Specialist - A rank given to troopers who pass basic requirements and earn the right to be a specialized soldier in the Empire.
Trooper - Starting rank of all incoming Remnant members. They are the backbone of the Empire and many options lay open to them as seen above.

"For now, Sidious, know that you are the blade we will drive through the heart of the Senate, the Republic, and the Jedi Order, and I, your guide to reshaping the galaxy. Together we are the newborn stars that complete the Sith constellation."
Darth Plagueis, to Darth Sidious

This is a community that is just now starting so if you aspire to be a part of another great movement then join today. We have many openings as of now and if you have the skills, the enthusiasm, and the tenacity to make your goals happen then you are in luck. This is not a clan where you will be stuck at the same rank forever unless you are truly content with that. I believe, we all believe in giving opportunities for advancement. Your path, your choices are yours alone so what will you choose? There are many ways to make your mark. Join today and walk the path of power. If you have any comments, questions or concerns you are more than welcome to message me!

Very Respectfully,

Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Baum, Dark Council Member
Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy



    Currently here is a list of positions that are open in the various Spheres of the Sith. Most of the positions below are starter positions so acceptance into them will be more than likely. The main exception include Lore Master, Warrior, Moderator and Diplomatic posts as further review will be required before promotion. For more information about anything send Darth Baum a message over Xbox Live!

    Sphere of the Imperial Military
    Sergeant: We would like to have at least 10 people step up to this post. In this position you would be leading a team of up to around 8 people. You would be most responsible for recruiting for you squad (with some people being assigned to your squad). Those that successfully execute this position will be promoted to higher positions that in the Sphere of the Imperial Military (think of it as a test of your skills as a leader!).

    Sphere of Knighthood
    Warrior: Think you are good enough to be the best of the best? Well prove it and become a part of the competitive effort of the Sith. There will be tryouts and potentially other criteria as we only want the best to be on the team.

    Sphere of Technology
    Website Project: We are going to be working on the creation of a professional and user friendly website to organize Sith functions. Experience with website structure is preferred. Also once completed maintain and assist with functions that operate it.
    Discord/Group Chat Project: We will be creating a Discord Server which needs things like permissions, different channels and organization. Experience is preferred but it should be easy to learn!
    Xbox Club and Spartan Company Projects: Improve functionality and aesthetics of the Xbox Club and Spartan Companies. Ensure that people are added to the sites quickly and reliably.

    Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy
    Forum Attaché: Be the primary point of contact on the Star Wars Battlefront forums. Also be a person who sends out messages and so forth on the forums to potential members. Of course follow all rules and regulations set forth by Forum Staff.
    Clan Ambassador: Be an ambassador to another foreign entity as a representative of the Sith.
    Youtube Video Maker: Help create content for the Sith Remnant on Youtube
    Propaganda Poster Maker: Make some cool posters to represent the Sith (recruitment images)
    Sphere of Philosophy
    Lore Master: Develops and contributes to the lore of the clan as a whole. Also leads RP based discussion and comments.
    Sith Master: A person who participates in the Academy system for the Sith Remnant and trains new members in its ways.

    Sphere of Laws and Justice
    Moderator: Keep the peace essentially. Make sure on group chats, etc that no one is out of line and swiftly take action to prevent escalation. If we have many good moderators then will should theoretically avoid drama in the Remnant.

    Sphere of Intelligence
    Intel Officer: Start researching other clans and adding stats to an internal database
  • A public announcement from Sith Lord Shotgunsniper
    Good day everyone!

    I am Shotgunsniper and I am the Sith Lord of the Sphere of Technology. I joined a couple weeks ago and upon talking with Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Baum he agreed to promote myself and GrandBordec to the head of the technology department. Our job is basically as it says above to improve our technology assets for the community. It is not as glamorous as competitive gaming but it is our niche and we will fulfill it well. I am sharing this story because there is a niche for everyone in the Sith and all you have to do is show the drive and the ability to do it and viola! The Sith are all about ambition and we do not want to hamper that in the slightest. Many clans out there tend to be content with just having everyone being a grunt. Some people enjoy just logging on and playing the game and that is fine but many times people (perhaps you) want to do more and that is why they join the clan. Due to reasons such as not being in a friend group or the main clique you are forever stuck... not here in the Sith. Only drive and ability matter when it comes to where you want to end up. If there is a position you want to have more than likely we will put you there or if it does not exist possibly make a new one!

    Anyways enough about myself I am here to make a public announcement about the Sphere of Technology as requested by the Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy. Myself and Grandbordec in the Technology Sphere have been working on a few projects that will allow the community grow beyond its normal heights.

    The first project is the Discord Server where a link can be found on our Xbox Club:
    Next we are working on a website for the Sith Remnant which should be finished this weekend. They don't call it Labor Day weekend for nothing! The link is and will provide tons of information about the inner workings of the Sith Remnant.

    Remember once more the Sith shall rule the galaxy. Be on the winning and cutting edge of the gaming community by joining today!
  • Every day the Empire grows larger here are a couple of major updates that I find important to share:

    Dark Council Status:

    -Sphere of Expansion and Diplomacy
    • Dark Council - Darth Baum
    • Sith Lord (Second in Command) - FlamingBaconMK
    -Sphere of Technology
    Dark Council - Grandbordec
    • Sith Lord (Second in Command) - Shotgunsniper33
    • Sith Lord (Second in Command) - Barry Allen (no Gamertag)
    -Sphere of Philosophy
    • Dark Council - AWST1N
    • Sith Lord (Second in Command) - The Darth Thahl
    -Sphere of Laws and Justice
    • Dark Council - BoomanGaming
    • Sith Lord (Second in Command) - OPEN
    -Sphere of Intelligence
    • Dark Council - OPEN
    • Sith Lord (Second in Command) - OPEN
    -Sphere of Knighthood
    • Dark Council - Lord Hexias
    • Sith Lord (Second in Command) - OPEN
    -Sphere of Imperial Military
    • Dark Council - OPEN
    • Sith Lord (Second in Command) - OPEN

    All Open positions are open for application. Also we have plenty of squad leader positions open where you get the chance to experiment with leadership methods on a smaller scale. If you have any questions on any of this information just contact me over Xbox Live!

    Current Community Goals that will progress the lore Forward.
    Current Chapter: Chapter 1: Rebuilding the Ranks of the Empire
    Next Chapter: Reclamation of Korriban
    Time Frame: Completion will be November

    -Complete the Dark Council of at least 5 of the 7 Spheres of Influence (this includes Sith Lords)
    -- Progress: 3 out of 5
    -Have 20 members for the Sith Empire
    --Progress: 1 out of 6.
    -Complete a Sith Academy and appoint an Overseer/Sith Master to begin training new apprentices
    --Progress: Started
    -Complete a set of laws and regulations for the Sith to follow
    --Progress: Started
    -Complete a Fully Operational Website and Youtube Page
    --Progress: Started
    -Form a competitive Team for Star Wars Battlefront to be our premier fighting force
    --Progress: Started
    -Find a Moff to lead Star Wars Battlefront affairs
    --Progress: COMPLETE -> Venom Kyro


    Once more the Sith shall rule the galaxy... believe it or not you are already a protagonist in this story. Will you choose to be in the Sphere of Philosophy and expand the depth and lore of the Sith? Will you be on the front lines representing the Sith as an Imperial Knight? Will you be behind the scenes gathering data and performing many of its behind the scenes operations? There are infinite possibilities and you are the one who gets to decide how your journey in the Sith progresses.
  • Important Updates:
    • We are going to be holding weekly WAR (Weekly Action Review) meetings with all Dark Lords and Sith Lords to figure out plans and actions.
    • The Sphere of Sith Philosophy will be overseen by yours truly until a different candidate comes to light.
    • Sphere of Imperial Military and Sphere of Knighthood will be run by a single leader and will be organized as one unit but still distinguish Competitive Teams as separate from the rest of the Military. The leader of this Sphere will be Lord Hexias.
    • We are looking for Moffs to take up leadership in different titles and to pave the way in those titles.
    • We have promoted thebigcheese115 to the position of Sith Lord in the Sphere of Laws and Justice. May he continue to ensure Order within the Remnant.
    • We are looking for casual players to have fun, we are looking for competitive players to represent and uplift, we are looking for leaders to help lead the clan toward the future, we are looking for players who love Star Wars and might be interested in talking about Star Wars and even conducting Star Wars RP. In short we are looking for any sort of player because the Sith has a home for you no matter why you join!
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