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Hero sinergy

114 posts Member
edited August 2017
How dope would be to have movie budies to have some sort of boost when together in game ?

Not only would add another level of depth and strategy to the game , but would encourage more logical and more iconic team ups to happen , i barely saw a Chewie and Han running together in the last game and that hurts me ;(
Boosts could be applied to Chewie and Han , Finn and Poe , or Leia and Luke , Vader and Palpatine , anakin and padme ....

Bounty hunters also should have a soft sinergy when 2 of them are together , then even a more powerful sinergy when 3 or more are close to one another .
Maybe even have a softer sinergy with Lando when close to Han and Chewie as they're old buddies ;)


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