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Heroes's weapons or troops' weapons configuration

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Battlefront 2015 had some weapons where you could switch functions like bo-rifle where its main function was blaster and timed function was the electrostaff or like Jyn where she could configure her A180 pistol into a blaster, sniper rifle, or ion cannon. Or like Cassian in Rogue One with his A280-CFE as a non-game example. Battlefront II should have a thing from Battlefront II 2005 where you play which function of the weapon you want without time limits and same for like heroes. An example for heroes would be Rey, she has her blaster pistol, quarterstaff, and lightsaber, in the game, players should have choices on what they want to use and they can change it in anytime in the game.


  • Not sure exactly what you mean but....

    Yes this is in the game
  • I had a concept for FN-2199 where he could switch between his Stun Baton and his Riot-Shield+F-11D. Grievous could do the same. Let him choose between having two sabers and his E-5 or having all four sabers out.
    We're finally getting the High Ground man! Wooooooooo!
  • lowell
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    EvazanJr wrote: »
    Not sure exactly what you mean but....

    Yes this is in the game

    I mean in the game, like for the bo-rifle, only the blaster function was full game use but the electrostaff was activated for a few seconds like melee. Instead we should have the option to use the blaster or electrostaff the entire time but we can switch back and forth. Zeb in Battlefront II should have the same thing with his bo-rifle if he is in the game.
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