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Battlefront (EA) vs Battlefront 2 (Pandemic)

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After playing both games a lot here are my final thoughts about it.
-Obviously Pandemic's game is better for its time but putting that aside it's very close.
-Not counting any sort of mods in to this


Space Combat
Both games have decent space battles but id have to say that BF2s is better. It's really the simple things that got me such as being able to roll and taking off. Although BF1 does take the cake in the overall feel.

Other thoughts:
Battlefront 1 graphics authenticity are amazing. Also, The first person looks really cool but I can't play in it much since 3rd person is superior.
-The vehicles in BF2 aren't crazy unique but being able to play as the ARC-170 is unbeatable

Ground Combat
So everyone says they want conquest and the maps from BF2 but here's the thing. The openness and choke points wouldn't work in a fully multiplayer game. This applies to many other aspects also.The maps of BF1 aren't perfect but they look amazing and are laid out decent. There is many more vehicles in Battlefront 2 which I like and I especially love the AATs 2nd seat. But the few vehicles in BF1 are better and are all canon.

Neither game has a good method of dispersing vehicles for multiplayer games but BF2s method of dispersing Heros is decent. Speaking of Heros, It is cool to play as many Heros in BF2, but the Heros in BF are much better except for the Lightsaber duels which are very bad.

BF1 is lacking a campaign and has very minimal offline support. I don't care much for a campaign but would loved to have seen more skirmish.

Battlefront (EA) is better

This game was a dissapointment but it is still better than a game 10 years older than it. Mainly because it just is a newer shooter with the newer grade mechanics. The original games have clunky mechanics at times which really gets annoying. Also, of course, the graphics and Star Wars Easter eggs are AMAZING. Seeing star destroyers crashing on Jakku or looking down through the cloud at Bespin city is just so cool.

Although, Pandemic's Battlefront 2 will always be one of the best Star Wars games

Sorry this is not very organized but I'm not the best at writing essays. Please tell me if there's an aspect u thought I should mention.

Hopefully this game will have a clear victory over both. Even when taking in consideration when it was released.


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