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Reinforcement Ideas

I love these games but hate how repetitive they get. Even the epic, story driven game modes like Walker Assault lose their sense of urgency and energy after awhile. As a player, I always find myself asking what could be done to keep a map, game mode, or character fresh. The new battlepoint system allows for a lot of flexibility though. These are some things that I feel like would be simple and fun.

AI/Script Reinforcements: What if you could save up your battle points for things like an air strike instead of a ship or hero? Call in a LAAT gunship to circle for air support, a squad of A-wings to make a hit & run strike on enemy air, a TIE Bomber bombing run, etc. It would make battle points more versatile, add some flavor, and allow players who enjoy their base character to spend points in a way that compliments their play style.

Reinforcement w/ AI: I keep seeing calls for things like ARC troopers. That would be awesome but seeing one random ARCie running around feels odd. What if when you spawned as one 3 AI ARC troopers also spawned with you? They're programmed to follow you and fire on your target if you mark it otherwise they just provide general support. Give them health that doesn't regenerate so you have to budget how you charge about otherwise you lose your squad.

Party Battlepoint Options: Speaking of, what if you could spend battle points to turn you and your party member (limit it to 2 perhaps) into something, like ARC troopers or Commando Droids? Makes it more expensive and when you select it your partner gets an invitation to accept.

Themed Reinforcements: After the basic unit options, add some that can change. Maybe you play a game mode and this time around Rebels get Air Support themed stuff. Next time it's heavier infantry weaponry. Randomize it so every battle feels different.

Specialized Reinforcements: What if in addition to your ability cards and class you also unlocked and developed reinforcements unique to that class? Not sure what it would be but that would add depth to your customization and class. Maybe every Rebel can call in an X-wing strafing run but only specialists can call in Y-wing bombers. The more leveled up you are the more Y-wings, up to 3 or something.

Asymmetrical Abilities:
Give each faction some flavor. Imperials get an orbital bombardment that is massive, Rebels a more targeted one.

Misc: Incentivize objective play by making the best stuff strictly attainable via objective points, not kills. Add more comm chatter script and triggers so the radio feels alive. Plus, the more of these things that trigger in game the more unique chatter and chatter triggers can be developed.


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