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Ping And Playing Across Regions

A bit off the usual topics this, but I'm going to be hauling my consoles to East coast US from the UK and I'd like to get in a game of BF2 with friends still on European servers.

I know it varies from game to game and the netcode and any lag balancing measures in place, I really only have a layman's understanding of how FPS's work server side, plus obviously there's no way to even see ping (at least not in BF1.)

Anyone with experience of playing this or other DICE FPSs across regions? How much of a disadvantage do you see it being? Unplayable, a manageable fraction behind, or not even noticeable?


  • I remember they changed the Netcode on Battlefield 1 that really put a damper on high pings. Been a lil while since I played that though and I don't think they did the same thing with Battlefront but I could be wrong.
  • Have lots of experience with this and Bf2015 and Battlefield one as I play with a 500 strong global group of older players.Short Answer the lag compensation algorithm is awful when out of region / high ping players are in the match. The micro lag frustrates the most also works the other way can be god like too. Best Tip if you are loosing out switch between e11 , a280c or ee3 as they behave differently based on lag
  • Um not from Europe, but I'll totally play with you OP
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