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Boarding capital ships shouldn't be in Starfighter Assault : there should be a dedicated game mode

Starfighter assault should be all about the starfighters. But here's an idea of another game mode that could be fun :

Everyone starts in their respective hangar and hops in the chosen starfighter
- First phase : Rebels must destroy imperial defenses and turrets that protect the Star Destroyer. Imperials must destroy troop-carrier ships that are AI controlled.
- Second phase : once this is done, the game gives you the option to start aboard your capital ship or the enemy's. If is the enemy's, you will destroy the Star Destroyer from the inside. If in yours, you will take a ship and destroy the Star Destroyer from the outside and still have the option to land in the Star Destroyer and continue on foot.
- Third phase : not necessary, but a sort of "epilogue" like the ones seen in Titanfall 2 where the Imperials must rendez-vous at a certain point to enter hyperspace.

It's too late to create this mode now, but it would've been fun to see it the game. And maybe Dice has something like this in store.


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