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The Future of Star Wars Battlefront II News

It's a fact -- the next big event for Battlefront II is the beta in October. But what do we have until then? With the end of August still open and the full month of September ahead of us, we've still got nearly forty days that won't have anything big happening.

Obviously, nothing big will probably be revealed -- we did just have the reveal of Starfighter Assault at Gamescom yesterday (as of my writing this) -- in the remainder of August. But that still leaves a full month of possible news to be revealed. What do you guys think/want to be revealed in September before we get the beta? I personally am ready for some hero news -- more specifically, reveals of other heroes. So far, we only know that Yoda, Maul, Rey, Kylo, Han, Boba, Luke, and Vader are coming (as well as Finn and Phasma with the DLC) but that still leaves a good chunk of a hero roster open.

But that's just my two cents on the subject. My question to you is what do you think we will see in the coming weeks before the beta releases and what do you want to be revealed? Thanks for reading!
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