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Cross Era

Look, I'm all for cross era, but give us a Era specific mode as well. It appeases both audiences (I am included in both of them), and it's just overall more atmospheric to have an era specific game mode. I feel like the cross era game modes are just a sandbox. An era specific game mode however would make you feel like you're actually defending Kamino from the Seperatists or attacking the Star Destroyer above Fondor. Just please include both. Or better yet make the modes have a random rotation. One match you play era specific, and then maybe the next one it's cross era. I was just suggesting a whole other game mode because some people might not want to play era specific. If I were the developers, I would make galactic assault and Star fighter assault era specific, while making another game mode conquest style for ground and team deathmatch style for space cross era. Just seems fair to me.
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