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Is the gameplay still underwhelming?

I don't really know about how to phrase this properly, but I'll try...
I bought Battlefield 1 when it came it out and have played at least one game of operations a week since I have owned, obviously I have played it more than that every now and again. But I think the reason I can always return to it is because I can always get a new experience in any match, or I have enough options to try something just for fun.
For those of you who have played Battlefield, just think of everything you can do, snipe, fly, drive a tank, use a wide variety of guns and gadgets, like if you really just want to melee or bayonet charge people you can, and every one of those kills has such a nice pay off, and I dont think Battlefront will have that, and Here is why I think the game will just appear underwhelming:
-Lack of destruction: means you cant change the environment for any tactical advantage
-No squad spawning: (actually on an ingame squadmate) meaning youll be constantly running back up to battle and not have an organized front or flank
-Maps are still too linear and small lobby of players: meaning that the ability to flank or take on your own small objective isnt even there
-Space battles rely too heavily on poor AI ships, so there isnt any concentrated action in any of the space battles
-Vehicles are still manned by one person and maps don't offer any use for transports, take away a nice tactical use for squads

I guess my main point is that people complain about a lack of content in terms of maps and heroes, which I do want more of too, but we need more content in multiplayer modes and gadgets and map design that allow for refreshing gameplay, whether we are playing it for the first time or the 100th
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