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Who Runs EA Star Wars FB Page?

This is going to seem like a pretty out there request, but does anybody know who runs EA Star Wars' FB page? I 'won' a contest back in January and was suppose to receive a t-shirt but I have yet to receive it. I sent them my info after they messaged me.

About a month or two after the contest EA Star Wars got rid of their FB messenger so I can't message them about this anymore. I've tried a few times throughout the months to bring the topic up via FB and Twitter but haven't received a response.

It's not a big deal either way - I've got plenty of Star Wars shirts - but it was a fun, unexpected surprise and I was interested to see what kind of cool t-shirt they were going to send me.

Anyway, @Sledgehammer70, @TheVestalViking, @T0TALfps or anyone on the forum - any help would be great. I can send people proof if they need it.



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