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|TM| Actively seeking players for Beta Week and beyond! (NA/EU)

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Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away...
There was a community that was the largest, most active Star Wars Battlefront group in the NA/EU. Our mission, is to revitalize this community, and bring forth a force so powerful, that all against it shall shudder!

We are actively seeking new members to join us for the upcoming BETA and for launch as we build our team for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Currently, we are at over 250 members, and growing by the day!
Who we are:

We are an Independent Gaming Community that invites players as equal individuals to gather and play games. We have been active for over 2 and half years!

Who we are not:
Too many rules take the players away from the play experience and cap creative potential. We are not a strict clan as some others have advertised with a lot of rule sets, applications, and "rank structures" that truly take you further from your gaming and create favoritism that can make other players feel 'left out' of priority. Everyone is a priority here, and treated equally.

What we are looking for:

- Fans of Star Wars
- Battlefront Veterans & Newcomers
- Players with a working Mic
- Must have access to Discord for active communication
- Smaller groups looking to help build upon an already active and growing population of players
- Players looking to work as a team

Members are not required to attend mandatory meetings or events. You are also welcome to freely play with any groups where you may have friends, but of course, hope that you will make 'The Mothership' your home.

'The Mothership' serves as a platform for like minded individuals to exchange and share their passion for gaming. Join our Discord today!


-Fleet Command-



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