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IGF - Imperial Ground Forces: Join Our Legacy

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We are the Imperial Ground Forces, members of the Dark Jedi Organization (DJO), representing 18 and 20 years of online gaming respectively. We exist to create a safe gaming environment where members respect one another, and the bottom-line is fun. IGF was a powerhouse club when Battlefront II (2005) released, and since then we have continued to support fans of the Star Wars franchise. In recent years, IGF has been active in Star Wars Battlefront (2015).

With the release of Battlefront II (2017) fast approaching, our club is looking to recruit new members to our ranks. As a member of IGF there are a few things you can look forward to. They are as follows:
When you participate in matches with your fellow members, we recognize your contributions to the club. Once joined, we give you some basic requirements that make sure you know your way around. Think of them like the official IGF tour. Once they are completed, you've earned your first promotion. Want more promotions? You've got to continue to earn them! Keep playing matches and earning ribbons.
You see, the benefit of being part of the larger Dark Jedi Organization is that we maintain our own Graphics Department, as well as Engineering, Support, Security, etc. Each department is staffed by volunteers. Some of us have been with DJO for our full 20 year existence, while others are just starting out. Each week (or bi-weekly) we host a new themed event. Ribbons are handmade by our Graphics Department for each and every event. Earning ribbons earns you promotions. What about awards for performance?
Did you compete in 40 matches during our last event? We have an award for that. Did you rock a 3.0 KD/R as well? You'll have earned yourself the Silver Trooper Award. Did you go above and beyond what is expected of you? Did you help a friend get through a tough mission? Maybe you spread the word about the club? We recognize your contributions and award you as such. These awards, along with your ribbons, stay on your IGF profile. This profile provides a complete list of your lifetime accomplishments with our club.
Want more? How about becoming an Officer? You want to take a more active role in the club; we understand! IGF runs on the backbones of volunteers who have a passion for leadership. After our Officer Training Program is complete, we will put you in charge of your own Platoon (7-15 members). Your task? Keep them active. Keep them earning ribbons. Keep recognizing their efforts. Promote them when they are ready, and watch them grow with the club. Want even more responsibility? You can continue growing in our militaristic structure, gaining more members you're responsible for, and more officers you direct. Not your thing? Maybe you're the competitive type? We've got that too!
Inferno Squad (INFSQD) are the elite ground team for IGF. Members of INFSQD have particular skills. Not only can they play the game well, but they know how to communicate with a squad. They can play multiple positions on a map, and know their loadouts better than their mothers face. Beyond casual gameplay, INFSQD meet on Tuesdays for 'Inferno Gaming Night'.
Black Squadron (BLKSDN) are the elite starfighter team for IGF. Members of BLKSDN benefit from playing with and against some of the best starfighter pilots in Battlefront II (2017). We have a well established squad system with statistics tracking to help every pilot meet their potential. Beyond causal gameplay, BLKSDN meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays for 'Black Squadron Gaming Nights'.

At this point, you've made it a few minutes into this post. That mean you're interested! We encourage you to look deeper and visit to see how we run our community. Have questions or concerns? Feel free to message me directly:
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  • As my esteemed colleague has pointed out, IGF has much to offer. We are a club open to anyone. Casual and hardcore gamers alike! We are going on 18 years of Star Wars gaming now, which means we have long term stability as a gaming club where you can make lasting connections.

    We will have a large presence during the Beta! Feel free to message any of us in game or add us as friends on Origin if you are interested. Anyone is more than welcome to join our Discord and TeamSpeak to game with us as part of a well coordinated machine on the battlefront.

    *Salute* See you all on the Battlefront :smile:
  • IGF is legitimately one of the best clubs I have ever been in. from playing battlefront, to hanging out with members on Discord and the comlinks. I have had some great memories With this club, and look forward to having more.

    All are welcome and wanted. Join us as we greet the new game! :D
  • I have been with IGF since 2004 and i can say i have always enjoyed my time with everyone here. We have always had fun in the old Star wars games. Now with the the new SWBF2 only a month away and the beta coming tomorrow. I know we here at IGF will have fun and would like to see some of you folks out there come join our great team. Gaming is always more fun with others.

    All are welcome to come join us and hangout! See you all out there on the battlefront, and may the empire take victory.
  • I have been apart of this amazing community for 9 years now and I have to say, I am NEVER leaving. These men and women of the Empire have been nothing but great to me and they are my family. You are welcome to join us, you won't regret it! *S* SOUND OFF IGF!
  • *SALUTE*

    I enlisted with IGF in 2014 and have met some really amazing people who I am very close friends with. Mature gamers who share the same passion for SWBF games as I do!
    I became an Officer in IGF and I am currently in High Command, trying to do my part in making IGF as great as it can possibly be! (even though, it already is an amazing clan/club!)
    I encourage people to come check us out and enlist with us!
    For the Empire!

  • Through 3 schools and 3 jobs in 5 different cities, one of the few constants in my life since joining IGF 10 years ago has been the unyielding camaraderie among the members of this great gaming organization.

    We sincerely hope you can be a part of that with us :)
  • Great post Spoof! :D IGF's been my home for the last year or so, I've never really gotten into multiplayer FPS gaming before joining IGF and now i have friends that play online almost 24/7 :) It makes it a whole lot easier and fun to play!
  • Not in IGF, but in its sister-clan RGF. IGF is full of great people, and its been my pleasure to play both with and against these guys for the past year or so.
  • *SALUTE*

    Ladies and Gentlemen, public release is upon us in the coming days. IGF have made strategic updates to our website and our Discord server. We feel we're even more suited than before to serve our membership. We hope you all find the clubs you are looking for, *force persuade; you've already found it*, lol.

    I look forward to playing with you all soon!

    Spoof Squirrel
    Gaming Division Executive Officer
    Imperial Ground Forces
  • *SALUTE*
    Ladies and Gentlemen with the release out and looks like everyone has been having a blast so far. If you are looking for some other players to come play with feel free to come stop by our discord and see if we are a good fit for you.

    See you all on the Battlefront
  • Hey i'm interested in joining
  • Hi o0Jdog0o! Feel free to join us on Discord:
    We hope to see you there! :smiley:
  • Is just a pc only clan?
  • We don't officialy support consoles but we do have a coulple of People that play it on Playstation, you won't get the full IGF experience though sadly since that requires playing it on PC, feel free to join us on discord if you want People to chat with about star wars and the game though :)
  • Ok.There are no clans on ps4.Its quite annoying
  • That I can understand
  • Bumpp
  • I've been in IGF since 2008 and I have to say it's the best gaming community I've been a part of. I had a ton of fun playing Battlefront 2 with them back in 2009, and I'm having a blast playing Battlefront 2 (2017) with them now. I highly recommend joining IGF!
  • I have been a member of IGF since 2003. If you are looking for a Clan/Club/Community to call home for SWBF 2 and future games this is the place. I hope to see you around.

    Origin = IGF_TalonnD
    Discord TalonnD#9865
  • We've had a few folks join us recently thanks to this forum. It's great meeting new people.

    Origin = IGF_TalonnD
    Discord TalonnD#9865
  • Additionally, we've recently opened a new elite flying squadron called Black Squadron in addition to our elite ground team Inferno Squad. Therefore, we are offering you the best of both worlds; a casual, fun community to hang out with and have fun as well as competitive teams for those seeking a challenge.
  • What platform are you guys on? If PS4 how do I join? I just need competent people to play with.

    I'm very excited to announce that the Dark Jedi Organization is under new leadership, leading to a lot of positive updates to IGF's existing resources. There is no better time than now to join our community, where the bottom-line is fun!

    We are a [PC] Star Wars Battlefront II gaming community. Give us a look-see at

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    Our club has now risen to over 100 members and continuing to grow. We offer the best of both worlds to hardcore competitive FPS players and casual gamers:

    Competitive players who prove to be skilled in ground combat or space combat can look forward to joining our elite competition teams Inferno Squad and Black Squadron.

    Casual gamers can look forward to a safe and friendly environment where toxic behavior isn't tolerated. We also try to get members of club on opposite teams in order avoid a full pub stop and also to make things interesting. IGF also intends to support Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order if it has multiplayer.

    Our club is apart of a larger organization known as Dark Jedi Organization (DJO) which offers several clubs that players can game with across an array of different genres.

    Check us out at and

    See you all on the Battlefront :)

    Origin: IGF_DOOM
    Discord: [IGF]DOOM#7910
  • As I new member to IGF I can say that the club has welcomed me with open arms. Everyone I have met and played has always been kind and helpful regarding any questions and concerns I have had and their sportsman like conduct is a refreshing change of pace in todays online toxic majority.

    I have never thought about playing competitively but being a part of Black Squadron may change my mind.

    I want to thank the members of IGF and I look forward to gaming to all current and future members.
  • I was recruited by IGF when playing SA and man these guys are really cool and down to earth. Looking forward to playing fighters a lot with them and you should too!
  • Its time for that unabashed bump for ya boy, IGF. This club is still very much an active community for all ages, with a highly competitive Starfighter Assault team, and a emerging ground assault team. If you are thinking of picking up the game this holiday weekend, or have had the game since it came, Imperial Ground Forces is the place for you. As a member, you benefit from weekly events, awards for in game activity and ranks for being an active member of the club.

    We also have cookies. :D

  • Hello, I introduce myself: Legio63 (IGF_Boba-Fett)
    XO at Imperial Ground Forces, 921st Wraith Squadron
    I join my colleagues in ensuring the continuity of our perpetual recruitment.
    Since the release of the game, we have filled our ranks of great people with whom we shared our common passion, video games and in particular: Stars wars
    To give you a small example, myself having started as a private citizen, I am now an officer

    At the base and in real life, I wanted to integrate the 501 French Garrison (cosplay)
    that each country has its own 501 ...
    Financially, it has a cost ...
    To compensate, I was looking for an active community focused on the support of stars wars and video games.
    Then I started meeting these people ...
    Thanks to them, today I have everything I wanted as a child.
    It's a kid's dream come true and as a fan (I'm 45 and I was 5 in 1977 in the first film) I could have everything about Stars Wars.
    Admittedly, it is not only the IGF, the world of Stars Wars is limitless ...
    But thanks to them, I am satisfied

    We have a reward system, as previously mentioned by one of my senior commanders, as well as a pseudo-military system that allows members to move up the ranks of the military hierarchy based on their accomplishments and activities in the military. within the IGF.
    In particular, we have for some time the famous Black Squadron that all the fans who respect themselves know each other with the fingertips ...

    For a small example, it is also very structured and has, thanks to experienced commanders, an unusual statistical tracking system that would make "drool more than one"
    Each pilot is left with an assignment and missions that are specific to him when he starts to fight.
    I also evolve as a bounty hunter or I have my own fan club (with a name like that, I just have to watch in my six hours to see people asking me for autographs ... hahaha)

    We also have a special forces section: inferno team!
    I will not tell you anything else ... :)

    So, you want to be a bounty hunter, a bomber pilot and participate in dangerous missions? or integrate special forces (Inferno Squad) and make your enemies tremble

    Join us !

    Here are the links to find us and join easily. -

    We are waiting for you :)
    Origin / Steam :IGF_Boba-fett,Bounty Hunter Specialty To rot the life of cheaters in close collaboration with the support of games ( " I always have room for one more in the calle of cargo ship , no neighborhood ")
  • Hi do you guys still have an active battle front 2 community?
  • welcome ;-)
    Origin / Steam :IGF_Boba-fett,Bounty Hunter Specialty To rot the life of cheaters in close collaboration with the support of games ( " I always have room for one more in the calle of cargo ship , no neighborhood ")
  • I'd love to join you all, but I'm on PS4. Are you still PC-only?
    Hello There
    PSN: Shockrider1
  • Yes we are PC only at this time.
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