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IGF - Imperial Ground Forces: Join Our Legacy



  • Always looking to add new members to our club!

    Great club for anyone looking to hang out, have fun and game. I've been a member of this club for 16 years. We have supported many different Star Wars games over the years dating back to Dark Forces II.

    Scheduled game nights, weekly events, robust website and an active discord!

    Feel free to add me on origin IGF_TalonnD_654
    Join me in our discord
    and become a member through our website
  • This is my everyday home for SWBF2. This is the gaming experience I was looking for!! Come hang out with us.
  • Always a good time. Met some great people in IGF that have kept me around for 16 years since the Dark Forces 2 days.

    Check us out

    Feel free to add me on origin IGF_TalonnD_HC
    Join me in our discord
    and become a member through our website
  • TalonnD
    37 posts Member
    Great group actively looking for new members.

    Join us in IGF discord
  • We bump, because we care.
  • Biodx
    2 posts Member
    Hi, I am Biod I have been with IGF for a while now and I am here to bump this post so people can make this club better. If you are interested you can join our discord
    Biod-x the Death Trooper
    Steam=IGF-Biod x
    Served the Imperial Ground Forces for over a year
  • There is no better time to Enlist, with our 20th Anniversary celebration just months away!
  • IGF is a great community that can be as relaxed or as hardcore as you want it to be. The guys here are really encouraging and nice and are a great bunch to game with. Everyone is welcome no matter the skill level and we look forward to new recruits!
  • TalonnD
    37 posts Member
    Our club turns 20 years old in November. We have been around since Dark Forces 2.

    We are casual but organized. We have weekly events and regularly scheduled game nights.

    Join us in IGF discord
  • IGF is great to just play Star Wars games with other guys who are enthusiastic about them. The community is great and very welcoming to newcomers so don't be afraid to join up with the Empire!
  • Join for the fun, stay for the camaraderie. IGF does encourage and praise the game and its players.

    Come fly with us.
  • Do you like Ewok Hunt? Kinda hard to get a game going, but not with the Imperial Ground Forces!

    Not only will you actually fill a lobby with us, the mode because even more fun: Hearing the screams of those you sneak up on makes the mode that much more satisfying!

    Join us today!
  • I joined RGF back when Battlefront 2015 came out, and IGF soon after. Honestly, being in the clan is the main reason I have stuck with BF2 for 550 hours so far! It's a lot of fun playing with friends.
  • Joined in january, i have never meet a communitie like this since im playing video games. Mature, event every weeks, very role play, in resume if you are looking for a great communties, implicated, kind people, and awesome officers, come join us ;)
  • I have been a member of this club for the last 17 years nearly. It truly has been one of the best places to find like minded people to play Star Wars games with. I have made some life long friends here.

    Come along and have a game or two and see what you think.
  • Friends, family, and the people you laugh with, that is IGF. Plus, there's nothing like going deep on Kashyyyk to objective C
  • It will be fun to play it at saturday
  • It's great
  • We just expanded to a second regiment! Come check us out. :D
  • IGF has been a really fun way to experience BF2....highly advised.
    "Peace is a lie"
  • IGF_Marsuveesblack
    11 posts Member
    edited June 11
    We are starting season 7 for our Black squadron Starfighter Assault team! Come check us out!
  • IGF_Marsuveesblack
    11 posts Member
    edited June 11
    In addition, we are officially kicking off our competitive ground team on the 24th of June, 8 PM EST!
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