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looking for friends to play with

hey guys, 2 much discords and 2 much guilds and almost non are active. would love to play with cool guys from everywhere add me in game - Grimmjjow83.

hope to see u soon :)


  • We are definitely active, NA mostly. Add me on Origin: TM_KillroyIsHere
  • I would love to add some new friends to my Origin list for SWB2. Pre0rdered Elite Edition.

    Add me: Keyetty
  • Feel free to add me, I am always looking for people to run with!

    Origin: AOD_Samiam_Jr
  • I am on pretty often, as are a bunch of my friends. Though I will warn you about numerous star wars puns and references. RGF-Quack
  • Where are you guys from?

    My timezone is GMT+1
  • NA East for me.
  • NA East here, but I game with people in all types of time zones.
  • Same with RGF, we also have players from all over.
  • Add me on Origin.

  • Looking for more players that like to play the objective add me on PC

    Origin: Snowgoon80
  • Add me on OPrigin

  • add me on origin: Doctormatt6
    in UK so I'm on GMT timezone
  • Anybody Looking for teammate add me Orgin ID: BadWolfSSK
  • Well anyone for the first star wars battlefront my username is applejack22333 if interested
  • I have been playing Solo (no pun intended) in mainly Blast for PC so some company would be good my Origin is magnuscalgar.
  • I added all of you guys haha.

    for anyone reading this thread, feel free to add me as well:


    I'm in CET, Germany
  • Hey, Grimm! A couple guys and I are building a PC community based around Star Wars games on the PC as well as discussions based around the Star Wars universe. We are just starting out, but with the help of new members, we can grow into something great! Here's a link if you're interested:
  • Hello I added most of you on here that is in the same boat as I.
    Just love the game play some of the fire fights are insane crazy lol
    H vsV some, Galactic mostly also I like objective too.
    I do play all the time especially evenings and weekends Eastern T.Z.
    I have good games and then not so much lol, but definitely a team player love to have fun.

    You can add me Origin. ZEUSxxxAlmighty
  • hyperlight
    1 posts Member
    edited February 2018
    Like most of you here, i usually play solo and looking for others to play with. I've added everyone.

    Feel free to add me:

  • Hello guys. I will add everyone to friends, its always fun to play together than solo - cover each other ))) Feel free to send me friend request my nick name in Origin is SunnySantos
  • Metall_04
    3 posts Member
    edited March 16
    added most of u guys, im from UK and i'll play with my friends all over, just like to have more friends to play SWB2 with
    my tag: Metall_O4 and it's o not 0
  • @ Metall_O4 Glad to talk with you today. Look forward to having you with us.
  • Hello There! I am an ambassador for RGF and we're looking to recruit new members to our community who are looking to join with a pal on the battlefront and just have a great time!

    We are a laid back clan who enjoy both casual and competitive gameplay. We are built on fun with friends, competitive need, and much more!

    RGF has been around since 2000 and has hosted/supported almost every Star Wars game released up to this present time.

    We welcome any and all types of members of skill and region. All we ask is you be respectful and keep gameplay clean and fun. We do not accept glitches and hackers of any kind, nor do we allow it to happen within our presence.

    We also have an elite ground unit focused and dedicated to competitive gameplay who have their own weekly night within the Discord. Talk to Nerd Of The Force about signing up with them.

    By joining up with RGF, you're eligible to earn special awards and ribbons, as well as gain special access within our Discord.

    Does this interest you? If so, enlist with us today here:
    Feel free to add Nerd Of The Force as your recruiter!

    You will find our Discord here:

  • Same as well. While I'm not much to boast, I can pull my weight and I know what to do in an objective, Looking for players to run with as well.

    Add me on Origin: Liontale22
  • If someone is bored of playing solo , you can add me

    Origin: winderfox
  • If you're tired of playing solo then check us out at! I haven't had to play alone (unless i wanted to) since i joined AOD. I can honestly say that it's the best clan i've ever been a part of. Just gotta be 16+ and have a mic.
  • I am looking for peeps too on origin ign: TheRealJonasD
    If that aint work try jd2705
  • Soy de Colombia y me gustaría jugar con ustedes, solo juego por diversión sin buscar estar de primero en la tabla.
    Origin: sebaszc95
  • My clan is new and looking for both recruits and potential officers to aid in recruiting and to help enforce the clan.

    Depending on what you want you can be ether.

    We have discord and a link leading to it if anyone here might be interested in joining.

    We currently are in the process of making a ranking system for members of the clan to get promoted to a higher rank and the same going for demotions the most we can do at the moment is grow the clan till it is ready for a ranking system then we will start our own website so that we can keep track of everyone and what each individual is currently ranked.

    Well anyway with all that aside we are The Troops of the 501st and we would be honored if you would join us.

    Here is a link to out discord.

    For further information or if you wish to join please contact zombiekillerr97 (Xbox)
  • Hey folks! I play on PS4 and I’m look for some laid back folks to play with. I play mostly Galactic Assault but also some HvV and Blast. I’m sure you all know how boring it is to play alone. Add me at BubbaMackk and just put Star Wars or something related in the message!! Thanks!
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