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Playing the objective, points please....

Major changes to this needed:
- the person who pulls the trigger on the ion cannon, or presses the button on whatever uplink etc are not the only ones playing the objective, those in close proximity should also get points. Lets remove the mad dash to be the one to do these things and make it a team effort, anyone in close proximity that was a second behind but is supporting the objective should be rewareded
- why no points for shooting the MTT?
- why does the officer not get points for supporting the troops?
- why no points for defending the ion cannons? doesn't matter if the resistance show up or not, the job is defend and staying in close proximity of the place or item that needs defending should earn points;
- lose points for dying....?
- reduce points for a kill

Then we will have an objective based game, rights now it is still kills based.
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