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I'm sat at the back of the map with thermal binoculars gaining points from kill assists

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edited October 2017
Miles away from anything looking at people through walls

U know about this right?

Excuse the brief thread typing this one handed while doing said thing I'm making the thread about with the other hand lol


  • Yeah so anyway I did this, sat at the back of the map doing nothing and racked up enough points to get a hero

    About to try it again maybe it was a bug/glitch or whatever.
  • Did it again and it worked, just not to the same effect

    I'm tagging people from far far away like Mr fantastic on steroids in a play ground

    Anyway, just letting you know.
  • Sounds fun and rather funny. :D
    “There is always hope.”
  • Sounds fun and rather funny. :D

    Im not sure if its giving my team the benefit of seeing the enemies outline once tagged, but we won both games very easily so it could well be. The points can fair rack up though lol

    Not sure how I posted this in the incorrect forum either

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