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Final Ion Disruptors need replacing

The locations for the final Ion Disruptors before the MTT reaches its target are horribly placed to guarantee tons of damage to the MTT, and are very close to the clone spawns, making it extremely difficult for the droids to have a meaningful offense when all the enemies killed just respawn as a wave and slaughter them right back. Not only is one of them in a building with windows so small that it's extremely difficult to kill the soldier inside, but they're at an awful angle meaning the droids have no line of sight unless they're out in the open, while the clone in question has a clear, wide open view of the transport, and is almost right next to it making the lock-on almost a second. The other side is not as bad, but has the same problem of terrible angles, leading to clones being hidden from any hostile forces, and a wide open shot at the MTT. Something has to be done to fix this 1 sided nonsense to make it easier to progress to the next phase, just like Battle Station from the Death Star DLC. Yes, don't guarantee it to give the clones some chance of winning if they work together properly, but don't allow the clones to pile on damage at the end just sitting literally on top of the Disruptor spawn the entire last checkpoint.


  • Yeah, that one at the end in the hut is terrible. The route to actually get in there is awkward for both sides, and you can just camp it. I camped it earlier today and shot off like 5 disrupters at the MTT with no problem. You don't even have to leave the hut, you can shoot through the windows.
  • And you could hit the tiniest edge of the MTT, safely out of view of any and all enemies
  • You need a good Maul by that point.
  • That's one hefty order you're asking for. I save my points until the palace itself, mainly because everyone else uses them as soon as they can, making it impossible to get them anyway.
  • The only thing I can do to counter that is being the B2 rocket droid but even then, my team is so far behind that I can't hold them off forever on my own.
    Don't click unless you want to know the truth....
  • You're talking about teamwork there. Maul, jump droids, etc. It's something this beta sorely lacks.
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