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I'm worried about Hero vs Villain combat longevity and intensity, especially lightsaber wielders

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Before I go over my reasons for my worries and a potential solution that I have in mind, let me go over a few facts and observations...

Heroes have less health than Battlefront 1. Heroes do heavy damage to one another in Battlefront 2. Less health coupled with decent damage output equals very short hero vs villain fights. When I was playing as Rey once, I had at least 600 health and all I saw was Darth Maul spin in front of me before my screen suddenly went gray. It didn't take much for him to beat me. A few saber swings and I was gone. When I was Darth Maul and a Rey initiated the fight by using her Jedi Mind Trick, I stood no chance. I died almost immediately. She mind tricked me and swung her saber a few times before I was killed. Let's compare hero vs villain combat between Battlefront 1 and Battlefront 2 from the perspective of the duration of the duel...

I will give credit where credit is due: Luke vs Vader was an interesting and compelling duel. The last patch of the game made their duels especially intense. Vader had more health and hit harder with his lightsaber but Luke was faster and could Force Push through Vader's block. These fights could last for a good couple of minutes. Each player was studying the other and trying to find strategic ways to damage the other while simultaneously remaining guarded. You had to pick your moves wisely to win. The long "statedowns" was what made these lightsaber fights seem authentic; both characters guarded and in a blocking position to counter any sudden movements. Darth Vader could reduce Luke's healthbar by 9 points per lightsaber hit. Likewise, Luke could reduce Vader's healthbar by 6 points her lightsaber hit. When these characters were battling other heroes/villains, they did about 8-10 damage per lightsaber hit. This prolonged duels because if you were just using your basic attack, it would take 12 basic attacks from Vader to finish off Luke, and it would take 17 basic attacks from Luke to finish off Vader. It would take 10 hits to take out any other hero/villain. Obviously these duels didn't occur in a vacuum. Heroes used more than their basic attacks. Luke would use his Force Push, Vader would use his Force Choke, etc. Heroes would be able to endure the damage due to their relatively high health numbers.
Fast forward to Battlefront 2 heroes. Heroes have significantly less health than the last game but they inflict similar damage output to their counterparts. It's hard to decipher exactly how much one lightsaber hit does to an opposing hero/villain right now due to Arcade Duels being deactivated at the moment. Either way, lets assume you lose about 150 health per saber hit. Whether it was Rey vs Maul or Maul vs Rey, each have 700 health. It would only take 5 saber swings to connect in order to kill the other hero. Compare that to the required hits of a Luke vs Vader fight. It now requires 1/2 or even 1/3 of the basic attacks to land in order to kill the opposing hero/villain. Again, since these duels wont be in a vacuum, dealing damage to the opposing hero/villain with abilities exacerbates the situation because the opponent will die even quicker. I am very worried that duels wont feel authentic or intense anymore. I am fearful that it will become "whoever initiates first" or "whoever lands their combo first" wins. I like the new physics system of heroes in Battlefront 2. I think they made the heroes more unique. They need to control the damage output that they do to each other, though, or they will risk losing the authentic feeling of heroes battling villains. I do have a solution in mind for containing this issue...

We know that the hero development team can control the damage output that heroes do to each other. They can even specifically control the damage output of one hero ability inflicted on another specific character. We saw this with Luke doing extra damage to Vader with his Force Push and Boba's flamethrower doing extra damage to Chewie. I propose that heroes do 50% reduced damage to opposing heroes in order to prolong their fights or duels. Yeah, 50% seems like a large damage dropoff but it would actually create similar hero damage numbers from the last game. Heroes have about 40-50% less health but they do close to the same amount of damage. Reducing the damage inflicted on one another would return the damage output numbers to Battlefront 1's standards so we could once again have long and intense hero duels, especially duels that take place between lightsaber heroes...

What do yall think? Do yall have a similar anxiety about hero interactions? Do yall have a different perspective? Do yall like my proposed solution? Do yall have a different solution? Thanks for reading.
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