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Felucia Transmission

Still no serverbrowser eh...

Well Dice is nothing if not persistent. I would have through that the hacker infested mess that was SWBF1 would have at least cemented the absolute NECESSITY of a server browser and community run servers firmly into any online FPS developers mind.

Clearly I was in error... my bad.

And i'm still getting shot through walls... Because the net code is still client side, or just crap in general, whatever it is, i dno. It's not doing what it's supposed to be doing, I know that much.

Also, i'm confused. Was this supposed to be a multiplayer game with tacked on single player, or a single player game with tacked on multiplayer? See i can't tell from a trailer. Or is it maybe a reworked BF engine with tacked on everything?

The gfx are nice... well they're nicer than swbf1, by AT LEAST 15%, if not 16% even. But you really can't expect AMAZING leaps in gfx every year now can you? I guess that's the downside of short development cycles.

The space ship combat is now less boring than oatmeal, that's definitely a plus. Let's hope it doesn't get forced into the map cycle this time... cause it's not boring, but it's not too exciting either. I mean, it's ok, but we've seen all this before... all of 35 years before in fact, back when star wars arcade got released, and you blew up sw ships in other sw ships. So yeah, not a bad try, all in all, but certainly not something you want to be forced to play while trying to get to other playmodes that you actually WANT to play... so please don't.

The heroes are... In the game... and yeah, that's all I can say about that really. They have all their trade-mark abilities, and they kill stuff... mostly... so congratz on that.

The ground combat is... well it's not like swbf1 at all, and it's not like any competitive shooter out there, and it's not like a team based shooter, although there are classes... for some reason that is unknown to me. It's totally unique, and yet so very bland. It's random shooter X with star wars skins, and typical EA style "grind for points and credits".

So yeah, all i all, it's exactly what i expected. It's a chocolate sundae. It is the most bland, straight forward, completely unimaginative chocolate sundae you've ever had BUT, in the end, it's still a chocolate sundae, so it's still enjoyable... every once in a while.

Personally, I don't see much of a point to this game. There's already swbf1 for all your online star wars "pew pew" needs, and frankly it's not THAT enticing to do "pew pew" with sw lasers at other people online and then watch them gripe and moan with bad spelling and weak insults.

I have much more fond memories of online shooters who were either not taking themselves quite so seriously and were just hilarious to play, or who took themselves way MORE seriously but were also much more playable as competitive online games. This game (and also swbf1) sits somewhere in between those two, it's not that funny, at all, and it's not that competitive. It's a star wars pew pew game, and in that light, i guess it fills a need in the market... however that need was already filled by swbf1, and while that game had tons of issues, it still filled the need. Besides, there's no real reason to believe that swbf2 wont have those same issues, or others that are just as annoying. Moreover, a simple patch to swbf1 would have been sufficient.

All in all, i'll stick with swbf1, which I don't actually play any more cause well... it's a mess. I might be interested in playing the SP campaign in SWBF2, BUT i'd need to see some reviews before I make that decision. Also, if it's going to be 50+$ for an SP game, it better be utterly AMAZING as an SP game. Some tacked on SP isn't going to entice that kind of money out of my stingy little wallet. So yeah, we will see how the SP turns out, the multiplayer certainly isn't what i'm looking for right now.


  • well EA certainly know how not to learn from there mistakes, cant be trusted to put a server browser in a game. wont ever pre order again until they learn yep learn from mistakes. high ping sure...constant waiting sure.....servers with vacant slots while your queued sure...frustration sure ....stupidity sure....unbelievably painful sure.. looks like its back to bf1
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