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I think that the flamethrower should have more damage and range because is a bit underpowered


  • I agree. For such a cool new Stormtrooper variant, with such a high BP price tag, it should be doing more damage at a slightly greater range. Also, not sure if this is a feature already, but being able to blow up their fuel tanks would be awesome.
  • I think it could use a damage boost but honesty I think they should have a HUGE amount of health/ armour. Ive never see anyone get more than 1 kill :/.
  • Yeah flametrooper is way under powered for the cost.
  • It's BIG TIME underpowered. Needs range and damage buff. The jumptrooper's pistol is too strong though. It needs a nerf, imo.
  • DynamitePro26
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    edited October 2017
    Yup. The damage was too small, and you had no way to attack or defend yourself from someone shooting you from 10 meters away.
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  • I’m not even hesitant to face off against one as infantry. They need to make it like bf1 where the fire continues to burn for a few moment
  • I agree with OP that flamethrower need more dmg and range to his weapon. (One of the weakest reinforcement ingame)
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