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Still no sword fighting mechanics! Why couldn't you have tried this....

Biggest let down of EABF2 is the fact that swordfighting is still just a one button mash-a-thon. Not even a parry or block, nothing...

Honestly with games coming out like For Honor, Dark Souls, absolver and many more that are all reinventing the wheel, among dozens upon dozen more, most of them even indie studios with a handful of people, how is it that hard to put ANY form of sword combat system in this game?

Imagine For Honors combat here, why couldnt they put in a LITE version of their own take on that? It would have entertained everyone, and also given some of your biggest detractors complaining about how egregiously simple the game is something to enjoy. And if done right it would have looked absolutely epic to see two jedi actually fighting each other, blocking, parrying, deflecting etc...

Imagine this: Have the heros like you currently have them now, with a bunch of moves designed at killing soldiers BUT when the player holds L2 to "lockon" to another hero, the buttons change over to something similar to For Honor's sword fighting mechanics (basically hold the right stick in one of three directions {top, left, right} to block, dodge, parry, deflect, grab). When two heros are locked on to each other in the middle of galactic assault, they automatically deflect incoming blasterfire {either through the occasional auto-animation of swinging the saber out to the sides, or maybe through some "force" bubble around them slightly deflecting shot & grenades, or possibly even stopping grenades and bolts like kylo ren does) until one hero is dead.

Here, Found this on YT of someone who edited lightsabers over For Honors combat system, its only a minute long, but tell me this wouldnt add to the game...

Could have had fairly PG executions and finishing moves instead of putting the same work into poses or "animated voice lines" nobody uses or cares about.


This was the one area I was hoping they would properly flesh out a bit more, and it hasnt even changed in the slightest in this regard. I hope DICE can attempt something for the next game.... But This is why I wont be picking this game up for PC.


  • This ain't a dueling game. Sure For Honor would be cool, but it'd be a waste of resources IMO. Just be smart and use your powers.
  • How would you balance that with infantry?
  • Might be better off as a dedicated game mode. As a For Honor player and huge SW fan, merging the 2 would be like a dream come true. But even when it was talked about on the old BF forums, no one could ever come up with a way to implement a plausible scheme that could also fit in with infantry modes.
  • Gizmobb
    13 posts Member
    edited October 2017
    This is not the right sort of game for those mechanics, too much going on around the heroes. A game dedicated towards jedi/sith/lightsabers would always do it better, and I believe there is some sort of game like that in development.
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