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Known fixes/changes/buffs/nerfs?

Hi all,

I hope this topic can become some sort of summary of fixes, changes, buffs and nerfs that you know of, based on the beta and feedback of players.

I understand that the game developers sometimes answer questions on Twitter. As a non-Twitter user i hope we can share our knowlegde.

What i know so far:
-Flametrooper will be buffed
-EE-4 (specialist skill) is going to be nerfed

Ano other known changes coming that you guys know of?


  • Way to stuff the game EA ..You are only listening and pandering to the Hard core gamers ...hero cost need to come down not go up ..its only the hard cores getting them now the average jo is lucky to finish the game with 5000 points .You also killed heavy class and the defender card is now almost usless even on level 7. Another thing get rid of Bosk all together he is overpowered and completely wrong for the eras .. he wasnt even in the movies except one frame .
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