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This place is cancer


Ever since the beta went public we've had an absolute FLOOD of people complaining about just about everything that doesn't even matter.

And some of the complaints are founded in completely flawed logic.

I really don't want to see this game changed because of silly things like:

"I'm bad at the game"



My god. I just want to discuss battlefront 2 in a proper manner. I don't feel like I should have to sit here and explain to dozens of casuals how lowering points won't allow them to get heroes. I mean it'd be cool to get heroes easier bit it's not necessary and I reeeeeally don't want to see dice catering to people who are bad or won't stick around.

And not that I hate or won't play with bad pkayers. If you're cool I'll play with you no matter what score you get... but I've been a huge part of other communities and I've seen too many poor opinions ruin games.


  • You're complaining about people complaining. Brilliant.
  • olafpkyou wrote: »
    You're complaining about people complaining. Brilliant.

    Yet I just saw a post about someone complaining about someone not complaining enough.

    Which one sounds better
  • T0TALfps
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    This sort of thread isn't going to help the situation now is it?

    Myself and Poolshark have been a bit busy, however we will be cleaning up a little and applying sanctions to those that have been bypassing the rules.


    PS: Perhaps work more towards welcoming others into the community so that these forums could grow in unison, rather than trying to push others away.
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