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Changes to the Officer Class for Launch

So one of my favorite classes in the game so far is the officer. During my time in the EA Play pre-alpha and through the 30 hours I put into the beta, I feel I have enough experience to recommend some changes that DICE could implement to make the Officer feel more in-line with the rest of the classes. I think the officer is a little too weak in his current state and feel a few buffs would be necessary.

First things first. What is DICE going for with the Officer class in mind? According to their website, the Officer is meant to strengthen teammates and offer battlefield control.

The first buff I would recommend giving the Officer is what I've seen a lot on reddit. Make buffing allies give more of a reward (battlepoints) than just 1 per teammate. There is no way for the officer to get as many battlepoints as the other classes and I frequently see Officers at the middle to bottom of the scoreboard in the beta. Just offering even 50 battlepoints per teammate would be much more of an incentive and maybe offering more of a bonus if that teammate uses the buff to get a kill or objective.

The first thing DICE's description said was to strengthen teammates. I believe DICE actually did a fairly good job with strengthening teammates. The Battle Command ability offered two different ways to strengthen teammates. The first was just a simple health buff, the other being the upgraded ability to give them unrestricted fire for a limited amount of time. Both of those are really good for buffing teammates. Possibly something to increase damage, reduce damage taken, or speeding up allies for a limited time could be added to allow more versatility and variety in how the officer can strengthen teammates. Additionally, the officer has an ability to give teammates faster health regeneration which is really beneficial to the team. Another good ability DICE added in my opinion.
Where I think DICE didn't do as well was the battlefield control aspect of his kit. When I think of battlefield control I think of forcing enemies to make unfavorable moves because of something the officer did.
The turret is a great way to control the battlefield. Place a turret down and it automatically controls an area. However, there are plenty of problems with the turret. Firstly, the turret does not do enough damage. Very rarely have I seen the turret be a threat. I can almost run all the way down the hallway into the palace in Galactic Assault, passing the turret completely before it even begins to lock on to me. The lock on should be faster and it should do more damage to deter people from entering.

Additionally, the turret should begin going on cooldown as soon as a turret is placed down, not after it is destroyed. When the turret begins going on cooldown once destroyed, it makes placing turrets down so far and few in between, and with such little damage, I rarely feel any use out of the turret. The turret needs a buff or its almost a useless card in my opinion.

Furthermore, I would like to see some more zone/battlefield control cards come out. Some area of effect cards could really make it hard for enemies to maneuver through the battlefield. For example, a grenade could be given to the officer that slows enemies in a certain area. This would make it so enemies have to choose between going around or walking through the "slow zone" which would make it easier for you to shoot them.
Abilities that could lower enemy armor in an area or do damage over time in an area could also be good cards to add to give the officer a little something extra so it feels like the officer is doing something to control the battlefield, instead of giving them just a flash grenade.
In conclusion, I hope you took the time to read my recommendations to make the officer better, hopefully DICE can take a second to read it through and maybe take some of the criticism of the class into action. The officer was my favorite class and with a couple buffs could be a necessary class for any team composition.


  • Officer is way op with the blurg already .
  • I've been killed by more blurg wielding officers in the game than any other class so far.
  • Nithorian
    183 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    I've topped the leader boards with Officer. Their killing power is weaker then it was in the beta, I think in general they have nerfed Officer damage, at least on the Blurgg. I agree the turret isn't great but there are star cards for other things, such as a squad shield.

    The issue is Battle Points are awarded for killing people more then anything else, especially in succession, so with the Officer's ability to 1v1 the other classes so much worse now, yes it is harder to get BP, but I think an increase to the Officer's passive BP from their buff isn't the way to go.

    I think Officer's should get BP for standing near allies, especially if they have the card I'm using, that increases ally passive regen when I stand near them. It is a great power, I should be reward for using it over something that might help me get more kills.

    I think a nerf to the reward for killing and kill streaks would be best, because at current, people are rushing into reinforcements they know they can get easy kills in, like the star fighters and vehicles, just to farm up enough BP for heroes.

    The other reinforcements seem a little weaker too, I've used the vanguard slugthrower to blast down Death Troopers, a great 3k BP down the toilet for whoever bought that, so the special units should be buffed in HP a little or made cheaper. As with most of the heroes being 8k means people just aren't using the other troopers because its not worth the risk for the cost.
  • johnny_mercury
    4161 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    My biggest complaint is the lack of battle points awarded for doing your job. Buffing a group of teammates that gets kills and getting 1 battle point but then buff one teammate and get 450? I buffed Yoda, Wookie Warrior and two Clonetroopers who got kills next to the objective, a whopping 155 points.
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