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Clone Commando

So, when I was playing the beta, I heard a Battle Droid shout "Clone Commando!" which made me remember that I read an article some weeks ago that a data miner had found a Clone Commando file in the alpha files or something similar. That pretty much confirms that the Wookiee Warrior was just a placeholder, and the Clone Commandos will be a reinforcement in some maps, right?


  • FathomEnigma1
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    edited October 2017
    Not sure what to say about that, as I don't think it really sets anything in stone just yet, but it would be pretty neat to have clone commandos as a reinforcement.

    I would hardly say they're "confirmed" until they are officially announced though, just so I don't keep my hopes up for something that may or may not come based off of the file. I do hope that clone commandos come in at some point regardless, however.
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  • I've heard it too. My assumption is that they're the jet troopers because they are a special unit, but we have to wait and see.
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