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Battlefront 2 BETA - Positive feedback

Alright, so I'm making topics almost daily about the lacking parts of the game, so I made this thread to give contratulations where it is deserved, so...

The goods:

- Space combat has been completly reformed. Now it plays more like 2001 freelancer, where you have complete control of your ship and aiming, no auto lock, no auto aim, and no aut-spinning. It's incredibly challenging, fun and rewarding.
- The graphics are gorgeous! Every visual aspect of the game is a gift to the eyes, excelente work on that department.
- Strike is fun. Fast, focused, delivered and easy... this is what battlefront is about... the map is a little small, but you get the right feeling in combat.
- The points/reinforcements system. I prefer this over the glowing, floating icons. It reward skills and makes you be more carefull with your oportunities.
- The sound. You know what I mean
- Civilians Running in THEED. This is a small thing, but for me it gives a great sensation of WAR.
- Inside the palace. This is like two maps in one, never seen this kind of fase-base detail in any other MP game.
- Heat vision for thee specialist. It's jus a great Idea.
- No DLCs. So we have some optional microtransaction... I know. But the fact that we're gonna get free content... map, heroes and more, in my mind compensate for it.

So what did you guys liked about Battlefront 2 so far?


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