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I'm really digging Heroes and Villains having specific rivals. What about having multiple rivals?

I really like how this game is being made for heroes and villains to have specific rivals. The scripted videos are always awesome when they end with a hero/villain charging towards their archenemy. I still can't get enough of the Rey-Kylo video. Anyway, we know that some heroes actually have more than one rival in the Star Wars U. Since that is the case, will some heroes have multiple unique interactions with other heroes or will there only be pairs of two? For example, Luke and Vader are obvious "rivals" but what happens if they add Obi Wan into the game? He could potentially be paired with General Grievous but what about other villains? Obi v Maul and Obi v Vader are obviously great rivalries. Thoughts?


  • You mean Ben and Vader?
  • Obi Wan is already finished and good to go. Last I heard he was waiting for Grevious to get completed. They counter each other.
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  • Edalin007 wrote: »
    You mean Ben and Vader?

    BOI it is the same thing. He is called Obi-Wan in that exact same movie
    CIS: OOM-9, Sebulba, Nute Gunray
    Republic: Coleman Trebor, Shmi Skywalker, The clone that fell with Padme
    Rebels: Lobot, Willrow Hood, Rebel Friend
    Empire: Rancor Keeper, Walrus Man, Dagobah Luke-Face Vader
    First Order: The stormtrooper with blood on his face
    Resistance: I couldn't care less
  • Edalin007 wrote: »
    You mean Ben and Vader?

    Either would make sense. I’d like to see an Old Ben skin for Obi Wan
  • I see a good 5 rivals for Obi-Wan

    Obi vs Maul
    Obi vs Anakin (if he gets a dark side skin or something that isn't Vader)
    Obi (Ben) Vs. Vader
    Obi vs Grievous
    Obi vs Dooku (though he could be more of an Anakin rival?)
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