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What about Heroes/Villains buffing each other off of a "mutual partner" system?

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edited October 2017
What do y'all think about the idea of certain heroes or villains being paired together and buffing their stats while coordinated? For example, when Luke is with Leia, Rey, or potentially Obi Wan, or when Darth Vader is with the Emperor or maybe even Kylo (though thats a stretch). The same can go for Han and Leia or Chewie. It may not make for much strategy in typical gamemodes that are predominantly infantry-based, but it would be fascinating to watch some teams in Heroes vs Villains try to pair partners together to form a synergistic team. The "buff" that the heroes would receive from each other doesn't even have to be much. Something as simple as CDR, slightly better health regen, or stamina would be cool. Thoughts? Suggestions?


  • Good idea. I see they are going for more duel (1v1) based gameplay having only 4v4 total which could go against this but I like the idea nonetheless.
  • It's a interesting idea, I'd be down for it. It'd make for some interesting matches in Hero V Villain
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