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[TUTORIAL] Why Maul doesn't need block

I'm fed up with these complaints about Maul needing a block. Instead of just telling you all to learn how to use him, I will explain how to use him.

First off, Maul is and assassin, just like in Ep. 1. He is an extremely fast and aggressive hero, but HE IS NOT MEANT TO TAKE ON LARGE GROUPS OF 5 OR MORE!

That is rule number one.

Know where you're teammates are. This is also very important. If you are going to lonewolf, sometimes you're going to go into an area with a lot more enemies than anticpated. This is where those teammates come in. If you see too many enemies, run back to your tweammates. Often times you will be followed and your teammates will brle able to distract/kill them.

You also need to keep this in mind when trying to override the doors. Attack the side that your teammates are hitting, whether that's going right through the choke point or weaving between the side hallway, main room and back through the middle door. Once cleared, START THE OVERRIDE. It'll let you're teammates know the area in front of them is cleared.

KNOW WHO YOU ARE ATTACKING AND WHAT THEY ARE USING. Assault and specialists are quick to kill, but if they hit you with a scatter gun or ee-4 as you kill them, then you need to retreat, so that you can max regen health as high as possible.

Learn how to dash. You should aleays have two dashes before attack. Use the first to hit an enemy fast, saber strike and kill any enemy within three steps of you. If there's only two or three enemies on that area, go ahead and kill them, but ALWAYS keep an eye on reinforcements. The second dash is meant to run. DO NOT USE IT FOR OFFENSE.

Use walls as a defense, so enemies can't hit you when you're running towards or away from them. If I'm attacking any ion spawn, I'm hitting a flanking point, killing 1 or 2 guys and running with jumps and and dashes behind walls. I'm finding another wall to run behind and another until I can get back to my teammates.

USE MAUL'S DODGE MOVE. Yes, Maul doesn't have a block. Instead, he as a dodge move where the block input would be. This move is easy to use and devasting. You can dodge in any 360° direction and can actually dodge twice in a row. This is perfect for closing that in-between distance when a dash or jump is too close to an enemy and a saber strike isn't within range.

Use Maul's force push sparingly. Because the base attack of this isn't OHK, it's foolish to start an attack with this. It's a cool, but slow animation that leaves you extemely defenseless. The best way to use it is dash through a group of enemies, so that they take damage and have their backs toward you, then use it. (NOTE: this technique works best when in CQC situations. Also be mindful of if there are other reinforcements out of range of the combo, but close enough to kill you)

DON'T USE THE SABER THROW. It's not OHK and leaves you defenseless.

Finally, always be mindful of you're health. If you follow those steps above, chances are you'll be able to have a subsantial amount of health. However, if an enemy is starting to hit you from a distance, run.

If you follow all of these steps, you will wreck, be MVP and have fun with Maul. If EA added a block, three things will happen:

1) the block will slow Maul down, giving enemies more time to group together to attack and you less time to attack or run.

2) Those that already know how to use him will become that much better with him.

3) Marginal players will not truly learn how to play with him.
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