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Units from Star Wars Commander?

So star wars commander is a mobile game that is considered canon and I was wondering if we might see units from that game.

It seems like who ever is in charge of that game just takes interesting units from past star wars games that they happen to like and reintroduce them to the canon.

There are is a lot of examples but here is just a few

The T2-B was first introduced in Star Wars empire at war. Empire at war is no longer canon but it was reintroduced in this game. It gives the Rebels a tank.

Another example is

These are just basically the force unleased version of the Purge troopers. Same design with the shoulder canon and wrist blaster.

And again with a spacecraft that was first seen in star wars galaxies: Jump to Light speed. The VT-49 Decimator.

It kind of goes into craziness with new things like the Elite AT-TE that the rebels apparently operate somehow.

Look at that thing. I think who ever designed it went a little overboard.

Here if you want to look at the units.
Youtube Channel .
Battlefront 2 , Battlefield and more.
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