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Should Star Cards have been more consequential/in-depth?

I definitely prefer the new Star Card system as opposed to Battlefront1's Star Card system. However, this system is pretty linear and straightforward. You get a card and keep ranking it up until it's a Platinum card; once it's a Plat card it's the best it will ever be. Eventually everyone will have buffed/inflated offensive and defensive stats due to maxing out the strength of Star Cards. This leads me to wonder if a Star Card system that was consequential and had an inverse stat relationship would've been a better system. Here's an example of a consequential Star Card system: a card may buff one aspect of your character but at the expense of another statistic. If you want a more in-depth example, think of a Star Card that would buff Rey's duration of Mind Trick but at the expense of the radius of Mind Trick or duration/radius of Insight. For infantry it could've been something like increasing the movement speed of your player but at the expense of the distance able to sprint before tiring out. Other games have mods to guns that may increase the accuracy of a weapon but at the expense of weapon control; I assume that weapon mods will be similar in this game. I like those kinds of critical decisions; it makes proper customization that much more important than just mindlessly adding something to your weapon or character because it will straight-up buff the character. Would y'all have wanted Star Cards that had inverse stat relationships or do y'all prefer the current system.

Disclaimer: this thread is in no way a knock on the current system. I am not voicing my displeasure with the current Star Card system because it is vastly improved from the first game. I'm just wondering if y'all wanted them to go even further with remastering customization.
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