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Old Star Wars Battlefront 2 wasn't that great!



  • It's not overrated, it's just most people don't remember it as well as they think they do. It was a really good game, and had a ton of stuff to differentiate itself from anything else at the time.

    Boy did it have flaws, but all the legendary SW games (and really almost all games ever) had some serious flaws. KOTOR had a glitch that would corrupt your save file, KOTOR 2 had it as well, and was a literally unfinished game. Jedi Academy had some monster glitche in physics (I'm looking at you speeders that fly sideways for no reason).

    The biggest difference between CBF and EABF is while classic were online, almost all players remember the solo or couch coop, because almost no one on console was online yet. So many things that were awesome in it just don't translate to the online experience. Galactic Conquest is one of the best examples of this, it only works as a one of two player mode.

    Boarding ships in space battles is another thing that just doesnt work from an online perspective, it just turns space battles into team death match in hangers. You would basically need three times as many players to populate the two hangers and the space between.

    The biggest similarities in my opinion are how varied some of the modes are. GA, SA, and HvV all feel distinct enough that with appropriate amounts of content any of the three could easily be the basis for its own game.
  • Saying the original Battlefront 2 is bad is not really an adequate defense of this game. Something being bad doesn't absolve something else of also being bad, both things can be bad at the same time.
  • JigglybeanTV
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    It's maybe an controversial opinion, but i think that the old Battlefront 2 wasn't that good. I read a comment somewhere that after 12 years we got finaly another campaign in SW Battlefront, but that's not true. It wasn't a campaign, no one can call a really really short video sequence bevor a level a proper Campaign, it was really bad compare this to COD 2 in the same year or even Battlefield 2.

    Next thing people complain about teamplay in the new game, but the old one was also without squad system (the new one, we still don't know) . Furthermore every class got only one item, like the standard stormtrooper just thermal detonator. Next thing the heroes, every jedi/sith hero was the same. Darth Vader was fast as Luke, every jedi got the saber throw. Han Solo could jump really high like the jedi/sith characters and lastly there ware just TWO game modes. Galactic Conquest and Instant Action and the graphic was even for 2005 bad. Nostalgia is really really strong......!

    Just to pour cold water on your parade. The original Battlefront game was some 12 years ago. During that time, not only have we seen better Broadband connections, the rise of chat services like Team Speak - we have seen massive strides in better computers,technology and online play.

    If you only believe that a game is better because of graphics, you can see why EA love people like you. The reason why folk are complaining is that there was much more content and replay value in a game from 12 years ago that struck the right balance of gameplay online and DICE or EA simply refuse to make that same game, but only better.

    Which is why we have 2 extremely disappointing SWBF EA games, from 2 attempts.

  • It was great in it's time. The Heroes were certainly fun to play, Maul and yoda even had a block
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  • MatiPoland93
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    The thread was from october, damn it. What's the point of bring it back? I'm still on the opinion that the old original battlefront 2 game is the most overrated game of all time! People all over the internet praise it like it's the greatest thing ever made, but it's obviously not the case. Stop compare it to the new game, maybe compare the old battlefront 2 from 2005 to old battlefield and call of duty from this time, compare the campaign, the gameplay machanics, graphic ehm everything... Battlefront looked poor even for 2005 standards. JiggilybeanTV you obviously hate the new game, why are you still here? Why people waist their time for things they hate?
  • For the life of me I can't remember which one I played 1 or 2. I do remember loving it at the time. I think there's some serious nostalgia bias going on with these games though.
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  • bfloo
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    For the time each was made, I'm going to have to say the og was the better game. I played that for years, I played this about a month and a half before I got bored and moved on. Conquest > GA.
    I stopped playing much before the scs nerf
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  • Than you can leave the forum ;). This forum is about star wars battlefront from dice not pandemic. It's your personal preference. I like for example operations much more than conquest in battlefield, that's the reason why I also enjoy Galactic Assault in this game.
  • most people do remember old games with nostalgic rose colored glasses. that's what made me laugh about all the criticizing dice has gotten for both swbf1 and swbf2. if the game was called anything else but battlefront, I think it wouldn't receive nearly the amou t of toxic criticism it does
  • EvazanJr wrote: »
    It's was great for its time. Most kids these days don't realize how much depth and innovation games from 20 years ago had. Now it's all about pixels and pretty environments. HD remakes because nobody has any creativity. Other than KOTOR and Rogue Squadron star wars games were dismal until battlefront

    Even by 2005 standards battlefront 2 (05) didn't have much depth.

    More depth than battlefront 2015

    You couldn’t even customize anything in the old game. You just had default classes to choose from.

    Yeah so no weeaboos like you could spam jet packs. Get gone.

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  • Cameron_Fox21
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    **** these new games! Not worth the $80 we spent on them but OG Battlefronts was worth every penny played those games for years after the release. I'm already fed up with the new game and might sell back to gamestop.
  • At this point about the only thing I miss is being able to fly into ships and get out and fight ground based combat. And just the general ability to park your tie fighter and get out. That adds so much to a game like this, its a psychological thing even. The feeling of control. All the Battlefield games allow you to walk up to basically anything motorized...A cycle, a jet, helicopter, a jeep, a tank, a boat(even a mini bull dozer on BF4).etc...etc.....and simply press "e" to enter said vehicle and pilot it around the map.

    The popular Desert Combat mod for BF1942 expanded on this with even more vehicles like hovercrafts, Ac 130's

    And speaking of AC 130's.................every thing on these games should be totally controllable. Not on a rail like the AT AT............the At At should be just as movable as the at st....(but not nearly as fast or agile...just general directional control)........Someone should be flying the Capitol ships.............Just imagine a Corvette pilot suddenly ascending and crushing a bomber or two...(that has actually happened before during multiplayer somehow).........having rails and AI pilots is fine if you dont have the players.but if someone wants to pilot the hammerheads then let them. Trolls be damned, these abilities should remain.
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