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Hero skin variants and attainability

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^^^All credit goes to the YouTuber who published the video. The video is a short clip of a few skins that have been confirmed. I also believe that we saw Han riding a Tauntaun on Hoth so that could've been a hint at another unlockable skin.

--What are some skins, realistically, that you would like to see in Battlefront 2?
I'll start out by naming two skins I hope to see: ANH Princess Leia and a Darth Maul skin that shows off his upper body tattoos similarly to his Rebels look

--How would you like to attain those skins? Would you like a loot crate to specifically guarantee at least one random hero skin, would you rather be able to purchase skins with your in-game currency after reaching specific level progressions with a hero, or would you like to be rewarded with skins through hero progression?
I'm conflicted on this issue because I like the surprise of getting random skins but at the same time I'd like to be in control of attaining my skins.



  • Loot crates or being able to buy them with credits is fine by me.

    Some (but not all) skins I'd like to see:
    Maul with robot legs
    Grievous with and without his cape
    Episode skins (example: Obiwan ep.1/ep.2, ep.3/ep.4, Han ep. 7, etc.)
    Luke's Bespin skin
    Luke's Dagobah training skin

    Also, never gonna happen but force ghost skins for Obiwan, Anakin, Yoda lol
  • I think a Hoth Chewie or even a Bespin Chewie with dismembered C3PO on his back would be awesome
  • For the moment, I'll limit myself to possible skins for Heroes that are already confirmed. If I start going over all the skins I want for characters like Anakin, Obi-Wan, etc., we're going to be here all day.

    For Maul, I want to see the outfit he actually had during the Clone Wars, as seen in... well, The Clone Wars:


    It'd be a nice nod to the show, and it'd be a lot more practical for DICE to make than the look he had earlier in the show with the legs given to him by Mother Talzin, (or worse, those crazy spider legs). Granted, he'd still be using his full saberstaff rather than just the one half of it he used in that time period, but the canon alteration there is minor; not as big of a change as him actually fighting for the CIS, anyway. I'll let the nitpick slide just because the outfit is really nice.

    For Luke, there are a lot of options, but the main outfit I want is this one:


    I dig the yellow jacket.

    I also really want Vader's Rogue One look, which canonically speaking is basically the same as what he was wearing in Rebels and A New Hope, but made for a modern live-action movie:


    The red-tinted lenses are sweet.

    And DICE, if you don't give Leia her classic hair style, what are you even doing with your lives?


    It's just too iconic to not include.

    As for how these skins are going to obtained, it's practically a given that they'll be in loot boxes. Which sucks, because I want my characters to look cool and RNG is annoying. I sincerely hope that we can get skins by completing in-game challenges with Heroes.
  • If the game has skins i hope theyre in loot boxes. And emotes. All those that arent necessity.
  • I would like endor Han solo with the sweeeet forest camo duster. And I feel most Jedi/ Sith should have a hooded/robed outfit. Also, sheevs red robes from ROTS
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