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Chewbacca dissapointment...



  • DarthJ wrote: »
    Blazur wrote: »
    Lol, I don't think you quite understood me my friend. I was saying the internet is never happy with what they get. :)

    This post is condescending towards the Internet and I'm not happy about it. I will now post another thread specifically to discuss my feelings over this particular topic.


    I get the feeling you don't get sarcasm

    Oh I do. Just wondering what point this guy was trying to make.
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  • bfloo wrote: »
    LERXST wrote: »
    LERXST wrote: »
    LERXST wrote: »
    Can we just be happy with what we got?

    Lol. We wish. Welcome to the internet my friend.

    You wish... I’m happy

    With what, millions of complain threads?

    I’m happy with what we got! I’m happy with battlefront II

    Me, too, but you're saying you like hate threads? ???

    Some of them are entertaining

    Lol, yeah, but most of them are just plain irritating.
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  • Returning to the point of this thread, here are my suggestions to improve Chewbacca:

    1) Change the ground-slam to a cone area in front of Chewbacca that he will leap through the air and do massive damage to anyone in the cone area. Instead of a ground-slam, it would look like a leap and Chewbacca would swing both of his arms somehow. (as suggested in a previous reply)
    2) Swap Chewbacca's shock-grenade with Han Solo's detonite charge. The detonite charge makes more sense thematically for Chewbacca, and would also make him more powerful. Swapping would make it so that we aren't adding more grenades/detonations into the game, since we're only moving the ability from one character to another. Lastly, the shock grenades make more sense as an ability for Han Solo, since he could shock people and then shoot them. (as suggested in a previous reply)
    3) Chewbacca's damage isn't high enough with his bowcaster. Either increase his damage, or increase his health/armor to compensate somehow. Adding a 6th shot and making Chewbacca's spread more of a rectangular area (similar to SW Battlefront 1) would be another viable option, especially if number 4 below is implemented. Overall, the goal should be to increase Chewbacca's damage with his primary weapon in relation to his overall health, though.

    Since the decision to choose Chewbacca as a hero is directly impacted by the existence of the Wookie Warriors, I also recommend the following changes:

    4) Make the Wookie Warrior more like the Death Trooper. Instead of having a 3-shot spread, make the bowcaster just a single, explosive shot, or a single repeating shot. Something that would do enough damage to equal the damage of the Death Trooper, but as a single shot instead of 3 shots. This way, the Wookie Warrior doesn't really get nerfed, but instead becomes much more like the Death Trooper (which is a good thing from a balance perspective), and Chewbacca gets a large spread for his primary weapon, which no other character has, especially not the Wookie Warrior.
    5) Since there are already too many grenades/detonations in this game, maybe consider changing from a thermal imploder to just a regular thermal detonator for both the Death Trooper and the Wookie Warrior.

    Additionally, I recognize that this directly impacts the value of Chewbacca in Heroes vs. Villains, where (from what I've gathered) Chewbacca seems to be fairly powerful already. To this, all I can say is, just like in SW Battlefront 1, it doesn't seem like that many people are playing HvV in SW Battlefront 2. Not only that, but a lot of people seem to prefer the light-saber wielding heroes/villains anyways. It's still early, but in my opinion, if it comes down to a choice between having Chewbacca be viable in Galactic Assault vs. Chewbacca being balanced in HvV, I think having Chewbacca be viable in Galactic Assault is much more important. Besides, balancing him in a different game mode is kind of a different issue, anyways; it's not like something couldn't be done to balance him a bit more in HvV while still implementing the changes mentioned above.

    Lastly, I recognize that this is a lot of changes to make, but given how atrociously awful Chewbacca is in this game, it seems worth it.
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